Monday, October 03, 2005

Description--Day 3

Happy Monday.

BGs, as you know, I post this blog the previous night. As I'm writing this I've just gotten home from traveling, again had a very elongated trip. Again got caught in Chicago--this time sitting on the tarmac in the plane for over two hours before we took off. Now I'm finally back in California, with my internal clock three hours ahead of the round clock on my wall. I sat down to write what blog I could with my tired brain, got it all done, went to post it, and it got lost in cyberspace. I ain't got the energy to do it all again. So I'm punting until tomorrow.

I was responding to Gina's questions about the edit I did on her scene. Her questions are good and need to be responded to.

Meet y'all back here tomorrow.

In the meantime--those of you who read my two-part post on the Charis Connection last week? So what was the point of that story anyway?

Read Part 4


mrsd said...

The point? To never stop brainstorming while you're jogging or breathing. Anything can get your creative juices flowing-- including a Burger King bag in the wrong neighborhood. But you've gotta pay attention.

C.J. Darlington said...

That Brandilyn Collins has an overactive imagination? That all writers should be locked up in mental institutions?

He he. Actually, I think Mrsd nailed it.

Gina said...

Eagerly awaiting tomorrow's post! Brandilyn, you really know how to drag out the suspense!

Gina Holmes said...

LOL, CJ, too funny. Was the point that writers work all the time, even when they jog? It's a 24/7 job in a way. Our minds are always churning out stories and ideas.

Sorry you lost your post in cyberspace. I think blogger was down for maintenace. That's happened to me several times and I wanted to scream. And I probably did.

Did I pass the test?

Peg said...

Once a writer always a writer? The Burger King bag would be easily explained away were it the only out-or-place thing in the neighborhood. But the duffle bag? There's gotta be a story there...gotta.

Domino said...

As a teacher of excellence in Christian fiction, you were making several points:
1. an example of showing, not telling
2. encouragement in effective time management, multi-tasking
3. a story idea can come from anywhere, at anytime
4. keeping a healthy body is a benefit for writers
5. people with overactive imaginations can turn a simple jog around the block into an emotional roller coaster.
6. a writing lesson doesn't have to look like it came from a classroom to be effective.
7. quality writing (as well as a strong body) requires daily maintenance
8. a good neighbor picks up the trash on the street
9. God is able to protect you from being arrested for a crime you didn't commit, even though your fingerprints were all over the evidence (if, in fact, there was an actual crime)
10. a writing lesson can be really entertaining!

Gina Holmes said...

Domino, I'm impressed!

mrsd said...

Ah, but Domino, she said the point, not points. ;) However, I loved your list and totally agree.

Grady Houger said...

As a computer geek I really must comment; online software applications (like blogger posting) aren’t quite reliable enough to trust. It’s best to write a post in whatever word processor program you use and copy it into the blogger post window.

Cara Putman said...

It's all about curiosity. Many people would have looked at either bag and thought "stupid people can't even pick up their trash." But writers think differently. We shoul always have an eye open and looking for story ideas. And a curiosity that is always asking why and wanting to know more.

I thought eveybody thought that way until I started getting to know writers and realized we really are unique.

Pammer said...

Thank you Cara! Um, can you tell my hubby about that questioning mind so he will stop thinking that I am doubting his judgement? :0) After nearly twenty years I still drive him crazy with all my questions and all I usually want is motivation. Poor guy.

Hope you feel better after a nice nap and a bit of relaxing, Brandilyn. Hate getting stuck in airports and on airplanes.

Karen Wevick said...

I learned that I have something to show my family when they think I'm a little bit off center. Fortunately, I don't tell them most of what goes through my mind. It's better for everyone that way. :)
And I agree, with previous posts, a writer's mind can find material in anything. It can be a little scary living in this mind sometimes.
Thanks Brandilyn.

Rich said...

There is a story in everything, we simply have to find it.