Monday, October 24, 2005

An Early Read of Web of Lies

I interrupt my dentist story to make an announcement. (Well, didn’t I tell you from now on you won’t know what to expect?)

Last week my assistant sent out an announcement to all my Sneak Pique subscribers about the contest to win an ARC (advanced reading copy) of Web of Lies. ARCS will be mailed to 25 winners the first week of November—a good 2 ½ months before the book is released. The requirements for getting your name put “in the hat” for the drawing are quite simple.

Over the weekend I realized that all who read this blog should have a chance to enter the contest. You deserve to hear any special news from me, since you do me the honors of coming around to read my posts. In turn, I hope you’ll help spread my news to others. I know some of you are signed up to receive Sneak Pique. But for those who aren’t—here’s your chance to enter the contest. Some of you may be used to reading Sneak Pique through my sending it to the ACFW loop. But this contest has been reserved only for Sneak Pique subscribers, and so wasn’t sent to ACFW.

If you didn’t receive the Sneak Pique e-mail and would like a chance to receive Web of Lies free—and way early—please follow these instructions:

1. First, you’ll have to catch up with the Sneak Pique subscribers by signing up for the newsletter. Click on the blog link over to your left to subscribe. Your inbox will not be inundated. You will receive the newsletter every other month, featuring my news, inside scoops on other Christian novelists, and info about new Christian fiction in all genres.

2. Go to this link to view the contest e-mail and see the front and back covers for Web of Lies. (The back cover has a way cool skull.) Follow the instructions there to enter the contest. (You can copy the graphic and paste it into an e-mail to send to whomever you wish.) Make sure to remind the folks who receive your forwarded e-mail to follow their simple instructions. They really are easy. Yet you would not believe how many people aren't following them.

That’s it. Here’s hoping a lot of you BGs will be reading your free copy of Web of Lies soon. And a major thanks from me for telling others about the book.

Tomorrow—yikes. It’s back to the dentist.


Gina Holmes said...

Cool BC. I'll plug your contest on my blog's Weekend Wire. (This Saturday). Let me know this kind of news and I'll make sure to get the word out. Least I can do after all you do for us.

ValMarie said...

Thanks for the heads up, Brandilyn. I've signed up for the newsletter twice and I still don't get the e-mails (I check my Spam box, so I know they're not getting caught there). I guess I'll try again and send an e-mail to Gayle. :-)

Also, do you know you have a double post?

ValMarie said...

Never mind about the double post. When I refreshed the page it disappeared.

ValMarie said...

OK. I tried to sign up again. And this time I got a confirmation e-mail, so I guess I won't need to send a note to Gayle after all.

Sorry for spamming your comment box today.