Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Web of Lies Influencer List

Interested in receiving a free copy of Web of Lies? I have a number of slots on my influencer list that are waiting to be filled. In keeping with my pledge to give opportunities to BGs first—well, here it is. This opportunity is for those who haven’t already received an ARC of the book.

Important note—if you were on the influencer list for Dead of Night or any of my previous novels, you will not automatically be on the one for Web of Lies, so please respond if you’re interested.

A good influencer’s list is important for a book. It helps spread a buzz, helps get the word out on a grassroots level. Every person who reads a book has his/her own sphere of influence. I’m looking for folks who’ll be willing to spread the word about Web of Lies to their own spheres of influence and online. In return for a free copy, I’d request these simple kinds of things from influencers:

1. Write an online review (without giving any plot points away!) at such places as amazon.com and christianbook.com.

2. Also post the review on any blogs you write.

3. Talk up the book on various e-mail loops you’re on.

4. Tell family and friends about the book, directing them to my Web site (where signed bookplates are available for free).

5. Send me the address and contact person for your church library or bookstore, it if has one, and tell the person in charge about my books.

6. Any other ideas? I love a creative influencer!

If you’d like to be placed on the list, please e-mail me right away and tell me what kinds of things you could do. (Remember, I’ve only got a set number of slots, so don’t dally.) By the way, if you end up not liking the book, you don’t have to do any of the above. I’m not asking folks to promote something they don’t like, even if they did receive a free copy. But I’m confident you’re gonna like this story.

Tell you what—I’m so confident, I'll make a guarantee to every influencer. Enjoy Web of Lies—or your money back.

Agents and editors out there who'd like a copy—just send me your address, and I’ll make sure you get one.


C.J. Darlington said...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop about Web of Lies, Brandilyn. Definitely a fan pleaser.

Dineen A. Miller said...

"I’m so confident, I'll make a guarantee to every influencer. Enjoy Web of Lies—or your money back."

LOL! You are too funny! ;-)

Vennessa said...

Are you willing to ship the book to N.Z.?