Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Egad- I'm Going to be Shot!

So they want me to take a new photo.

Seems the ol’ mug shot is a bit too . . . dated. It was taken back when I was writing women’s fiction as well as suspense. Too sweet, too nice. This is what the agent tells me. (My paraphrase; I can’t remember his exact words.)

Publisher and agent agree on the look. (I’m just supposed to figure out whatever the heck it means.) It is to be: (A) Mysterious. That suspense writer ooh-I-know-more-about-poisons-than-you-could-ever-guess look. But . . . (B) With a touch of warmth. That yes-I-could-kill-you-a-million-ways-to-Sunday-but-really-you-can-trust-me-because-I’m-at-heart-a-great-gal look.

Wanna help me figure out just what I’m supposed to wear for this thing? Make sure you follow the--

Rules (Per agent and publisher):

1. Keep most the colors on the darker side. Probably black in there somewhere.

But I’m a bright color person . . .

2. Clothes should not be too dressy and not too casual.

Hm . . .

3. No glitz, no glimmer. No rhinestones on the jeans.

I’m doomed.

4. Water in the background—after all, this is for the Kanner Lake series.

This one I can handle. I’m zipping up to Coeur d’Alene, where we’ll do the shoot lakeside. I’ll take any excuse I can get to go to Idaho.

5. We gotta come away with at least one good full-length shot and one head shot.

Yikes. Twice the chance to mess this thing up.

So. Thursday before Easter’s the big day. Scheduled at the lake in Coeur d’Alene at 4:00 p.m. Great time, says the photographer, as the sun will start to go down and we’ll get some good shadows. (If you’re a suspense author, you’re supposed to love shadows. Part of that mysterious thing, you know.)

One great part to this—the photographer’s all digital. You know what that means, don’t you?

The fabulous A-word.

Air brush.


Kjersten said...

Hey; tis not even mid-night and you've posted already?...hmm, maybe I CAN say something before 2007 after all. (I'm the last post of monday)

"Air brush" is indeed a wonderful word. "Photo-Shop" is one that goes quite well with "air brush".

I'm good at following rules... I tweak!

1. Black with flouresent green.
2. Casudressidy
3. Your not doomed; be sneaky.
4. Right on lady! Now your on a roll. :)
5. No, no. Twice the chance to be spindiflously sneaky.

Thursday before Easter? Be careful! Tis the #13 and twill be a full moon. Be sneaky with the full moon on the water. I will pray for a clear gorgeous day and night...with shadows.

Sigh! Yes tis true, tis the "axe lady" again. I cannot find my slipper though!

C.J. Darlington said...

Hmm. What about wearing some sort of hat tilted low and mysterious? Are you the blazer type? Crisp jeans and a blazer wouldn't be too dressy or too casual. What about some sort of boot (cowboy boots?), or is that not you?

Tracy Ruckman said...

Brandilyn - they've GOTTA let you do glitter jeans - and a leather blazer! You could wear a black leather blazer - the mysterious, dark part - with a bright, silky shirt under it.

Have great fun!

Stuart said...

Don't forget a huge portion of this will be in the expression. Just imagine yourself planning the next big prank to pull on Randy I. and I bet you'll get it right. ;)

Slightly squinted eyes, quirked smirk that says "Oh yes, I could kill you now, but that would be to obvious!"

I'd say fedora and trenchcoat, but that's a bit too film noir. But you should really find someone with a boa (snake not the feathers) that you could pet for the pictures ;)

maybe try all black with a bright green scarf? hmm...maybe too obvious...

Black pants, white shirt, black jacket, holding a boa and smirking at the camera, while the full moon rizes over the lake behind you!

Of course if you over do it people will run away screaming....

Fashion diva... said...

I like jeans, black top, black leather jacket (not a biker jacket a nice tailored type) with a red scarf. I like the idea of you standing on a pier. A creepy deserted one.

That's all I got, creative streak over.

Anonymous said...

Here’s my vote. You have to wear the glitzy, rhinestone encrusted jeans. Anything else isn’t you and wouldn’t feel right. Besides haven’t you seen the glam shots of Mary Higgins Clark on everyone of her books. Can’t get much more made=-up and sophisticated than that! I like the idea of a leather jacket, but instead of black, I’d go with your pink/coral (don’t you have one like that?)number. Maybe where boots instead of four inch heels. Hats, yuck! I think what sets the atmosphere is the setting sun, hopefully lots of grey clouds, waves kicking up behind you making the lake all choppy. Come to think of it Mary Jane Clark’s photo is pretty innocuous, too. If ABA suspense writers can get away with glam and fun, I think you should. Heck, the covers are scary enough.


Becky said...

Brainstorming pic ideas.

I thought of black blazer right away, too. Leather all the better. The accessory you need is sunglasses, and not those wild ones that were all the joke a short time ago. Don't think you can be wearing them either. Maybe holding them, tapping your chin, around your neck on a lanyard--don't know what would work for a photo. If it's a fun picture, you could be peering over top of them, and better if you're looking off camera.

Jeans definitely for the full shot, but not casual shoes. Unless you are on the pier.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

>The accessory you need is sunglasses, and not those wild ones that were all the joke a short time ago.<

All right, and just what is THIS supposed to mean? Are you making fun of my rhinestone glasses? I'll have you know I now own more pairs than ever--in various colors . . .

Becky said...

The joke wasn't the glasses (backpedaling, backpedaling). It was the macho man wearing them (I'm forgetting the who in the story). Horrors, NO. Far be it from me to laugh at your rhinestone glasses, Brandilyn, (snicker).


Domino said...

I'm seeing ominous thunderclouds in the background. I have to agree with CJ and others that a hat will add to the suspenseful mood. Forgive my wacky mood, but I must describe this vision. A black top hat and a black satin cape is worn over a teal blue satin shell. The chin is tipped up just enough to reveal one eyebrow raised above the other. The face expresses, "I know more than I'm telling." The lips are parted enough to show off the pearly whites, but just barely. Shiny black jeans and shiny black shoes finish the ensemble.

Okay the cape and hat was a bit much, but with the mysterious music going through my head - and the evil laughter - I just had to add it.

You know, with computer skills, one can superimpose your favorite photo over a mysterious lake image of your choice. Try for a tree branch somewhere in the picture.

Or... Have a seatbelt in your hand, holding it out to the camera as you lean against a tree with the lake in the background.

Okay, I'll stop.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I think your best bet would be to let the photographer and agent decide how to shoot you!

William G. said...

I say go for a retro look... 1930s but updated. And it would be a kick to round up an old '30s / '40s era roadster, all original, with that camelhair interior and wide whitewall tires and acres upon acres of chrome to park in front of the lake. Or a late '60s / early '70s Caddy or Lincoln. Or maybe just an '06 Mustang convertable in black. It looks plenty retro.