Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sundry Items

First—how could I forget to tell you—I finished Coral Moon on Friday. (Second in the Kanner Lake Series, following Violet Dawn.) Yay! The last week was intense, as usual. Stayed up all Thursday night. E-mailed the thing to the editor about 7 p.m. Friday. What a relief. This was a hard book. Now I need to think up the third book in a hurry. Have no idea as to plot yet. How about some ideas from you BGs as to its title? You know I’m high into rhythm in my writing, so you gotta follow the format perfectly: two-syllable color, one syllable word that speaks to time of day or night. With the right title, I’ll build a plot around it.

Second—the April-May issue of my newsletter, Sneak Pique, will be sent via e-mail today or tomorrow. Sneak Pique lists releases of Christian fiction in all genres for the last two months. This is a good way to keep up on the latest Christian novels available. It also includes a behind the scenes look at another author through answering a reader question, and offers three chances to win one of my books. You can sign up for the newsletter
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Third—this is just too good to pass up. Here’s to
Christian dating—rap style. (Put your groove shoes on.)


Dineen A. Miller said...

LOL! I saw that video a few months ago. I think somebody has too much time on their hands.

Ok, book titles...(btw, violet can be 3 syllables, depending on what part of the country you live in. LOL!)

Amber Sunrise (Sunset)
Inky Night
Purple Twilight

Ok, next! Let's keep brainstorming! LOL!

Gina Holmes said...

Crimson Sky
(I just love "crimson" for any occassion!)

or Crimson Eve
or Crimson Dusk

Amber's a pretty cool color too with a nice flow. Though it ain't the color of blood.

(I'm not half as warped as I must sound). Congrats of finishing Coral Moon!

Can't wait to read your next release!!

Stuart said...

Congrats on finishing off Coral Moon!

Some title ideas...

Sapphire Gloom

Sienna Morn

Khaki Star

Ebony Noon

Navy Sun

Or you could try flipping the rhythm with:

White Sunset

Rose Starlight

Teal Gloaming

ah that's enough. :)

C.J. Darlington said...

For colors: I too like Crimson, Cyan, Indigo, Maroon, Sienna, Magenta ...

Times of day ... this one has me more stumped. Is Moon a time of day? Noon works, but that's too close to Moon. Plain old Night could work, like Dineen suggested.

Crimson Night?

Erin Marshall said...

Okay, you got my brain going this morning. I love the word "twilight" because it suggests a double meaning, both the last bit of light before darkness descends . . . as well as the hopeful light of morning after the darkest hour of the night (I always thought it meant sunset, but Webster's says it applies to both sunrise and sunset light.)

Crimson Twilight
Ruby Twilight
Garnet Twilight
Umber Twilight

You've got an orangy color with Coral Moon and a cool purple with Violet Dawn. Crimson and Ruby suggest blood (Scarlet and Claret as well), and Umber suggests the dead brown color of late fall/early winter or late winter/early spring, possibly tying into the light/dark, death/hope imagery of twilight.

--Erin (The "E" in Bjedcles--see you at MH!)

Domino said...

Congrats on finishing Coral Moon.

Cool Rap - I was laughing.

Now to get back to work again...
I like Crimson. Somehow it inspires awe and dread. Scarlet reminds me of the O'Hara girl's life of conflict. Rose isn't a suspenseful word, so that wouldn't work - unless paired with a very dangerous sounding word. I love Gloaming. Sounds dangerous. Rose Gloaming?

Cinnamon Twilight
Scarlet Dusk
Crimson Light
Magenta Midnight
Maroon Sunrise

Which dangerous animal will you use this time?

Domino said...

I was just thinking...

Violet Dawn
Coral Moon
Crimson Star

mrsd said...

Maroon Noon ;)

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Lovin' these titles. Khaki Star is definitely at the top. (I had to read that one twice.) Maroon Noon is a close second. While we're on the rhyming kick, how 'bout Coral Moral, or Scarlet Harlot?

Okay, maybe not.

Cara Putman said...

How about:

Smoky Noon
Crimson Tide (is there a book with that title already?)

Khaki Star makes me think military will play into the plot somehow. IS there anything military near Kanner Lake? :-)

I'll have to keep working on these. Obviously, titles are the hardest part of writing for me :-)

C.J. Darlington said...

Chestnut could work as a color as well.

Chestnut Sun.
Crimson Sun.

C. Schroeder said...

Coral is orangish. Violet is purple. So to complete the triangle you need something green, like the color of the sky when it hails.

Olive Dusk
Turquoise Night
Emerald Stars
Algae Skies

There's also lime and jade, if you're not stuck on two-syllables.

Or if we can pull out the best color tool out there, well known to every kid: the crayon box.

Copper Morn
Chestnut Night
Silver Sun
Salmon Stars
Midnight Light

Okay, I let someone else offers some suggestions now.

Becky said...

Brainstormed these:
Acorn Light
Amber Light
Amber Sun
Azure Noon
Brindle Dusk
Charcoal Dusk
Cinder Dusk
Cobalt Noon
Copper Sun
Crimson Dusk
Eggshell Stars
Honey Sun
Inky Night
Midnight Stars
Raven Night
Sable Night
Scarlet Sun
Silver Stars

Then I read comments. A number of the colors would work with Eve, Morn.

My fave, I gotta say, is Amber Light.


Katie Hart said...

Lots of good suggestions! I still like my original suggestion of Crimson Dusk. It also moves backwards in time with the same pattern - Dawn, Moon, Dusk. If you're doing four books, the last one can be Sun to complete the cycle (with the same one-two step, Dawn and Dusk, Moon and Sun).

I also like Emerald - like Violet, usually a two-syllable word that some say as three. It also has the double meaning the other colors have - Violet is also a flower, Coral is an underwater life form that can be used for jewelry, Emerald is a gem. Other gems could work too, since green doesn't have many ways of connecting to the sky, except as:

Emerald Storm

Ooo, I really like this one:

Silver Dusk

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Congrats on finishing the book!

I think they've given you every conceivable title possible, so I won't try!

Lynette Sowell said...

I agree with Bonnie. You know, you could always dump out the Crayola box and see what you find. :)

All Bloggees going to MH should put a BG on their name tags. Or are we going with the spider hand signal again? Definitely not a MOON. :-P Or maybe something in violet? :}

Dineen A. Miller said...

Or do a wiggle with our hand and arm like a snake. LOL!

Crimson Twilight
Verdent Noon (not sure that counts)
Fuchsia Night
Crimson Eve
Golden Day

Can't wait to hear what you come up with, Brandilyn!

Obscena Gina said...

Scarlet Harlot. I think I know her.

Now that might make your sales in the CBA sink but probably skyrocket in the ABA. :)

Katie Hart said...

Think you have more than enough suggestions, but noticed at least one color missing:

Auburn Dusk (or Eve)

Of course, we also missed chartreuse, but I think you want to attract readers, not make them gag at the sight of your book.