Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sundry Items

First, the Scenes and Beans blog update. ARCs of Violet Dawn have gone more quickly than I expected. I now have only 7 left. I’d planned to send an announcement to ACFW today, but nixed that idea when I saw how few ARCs remain. With the hundreds of people on ACFW, I’d be inundated with requests for so few slots. So I’m asking you BGs to e-mail writer friends of yours whom you think would be interested. (Why they’re not reading this blog is another matter you might want to take up with them.) Who might enjoy this project and need the extra publicity for their own sites? Send ’em here to read Monday’s post and e-mail me in a hurry. Seven ARCs aren’t gonna last long.

Second, major congrats to those BGs who have finaled in
ACFW’s Genesis contest! I know there are numerous of you, and I don’t want to leave any name out—so if you’re a finalist, please speak up and tell us so, and in what category. We applaud you! For those of you not familiar with this new contest for unpublished novelists, it’s a biggie. The top five scorers’ entries go to pub board at Warner Faith for consideration.

Third--Web of Lies goes on blog tour next week, so I hear. I don't know much about these things, so as I hear more, I'll give you links. So far I've done two e-mail interviews. Interesting that they asked totally different questions--not one repeated.

I'm thinkin' with these new blog tour thingies, we need to coin another word. About that time, I'd say. It's been a whole month or so since we came up with "deadling" for deadline. At any rate, I say a blog tour should be called a "blour." Whadya think?

Fourth—what next, BGs? Do you have a topic you’d like to cover? We’ve gone from marketing plans to bumping off chick-lit authors to Zondervan’s new audio Bible to PW statistics and more—and that’s just since the beginning of this month. Ya can’t say we ain’t eclectic. So speak up if you’ve got a burning topic.

Finally--Gonna miss ya, Ace. Sigh.


michael snyder said...

I've got a simple topic for you...What's a 'BG'?

You couldn't possibly be limiting your readership to cutesy Australian falsetto-singing boys named Gibb...or could you?

And for me and my house, we pull for the dark horse, Elliot Yamin. Although I'm sure he'll only be around for another week or two.

michael snyder said...

And what exactly made those particular items sun dried?

relevantgirl said...

Michael, you're a funny guy--almost as funny as Brandilyn.

Brandilyn, would you like to be hosted on Relevantblog?

My friend, and very good writer, D'Ann Mateer finaled in the suspense category of the Genesis contest. WooooHooooo!

One More Writer said...

Yes, I did final in suspense/thriller/mystery category. Thank you, Mary, for the kudos.

I do lurk on this blog and learned soooo much from Brandilyn at MH in 2004 and 2005--both from the podium and from the critique tables. I guess it's paid off!


Cara Putman said...

Wayne Scott also finaled. He has a very fresh idea in supernatural suspense. Congratulations, Wayne! Crit 25 is still jumping up and down with you over cyber-space!

Stuart said...

Congrats to all you finalists!



My brain has decided to stop talking to me. Maybe you could talk about ways to get a stubborn brain to cooperate. :)

Or maybe just some new writing insight that has popped up over the last few weeks that has really impacted ya. :)

Wayne Scott said...

Congrats to D'Ann! And any other BG finalists that pop in here.

As Cara mentioned (hi crit pal!), I'm also a finalist in the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller category.

God has blessed me with some great places to learn, and wonderful teachers to learn from and seek encouragement. I've been even more blessed to make some friends along the way.

Brandilyn, it's no coincidence that at least two of the five MST finalists are BGs; you are not only a tremendously gifted writer, but an amazing teacher as well. Thank you for all you do for us.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Pay no attention to that Snyder guy. He's just mad 'cause I busted his guitar over Chip MacGregor's head in the Mount Hermon serial story.

Wayne and D'Ann, so happy for you! And thank you for your kind words. They mean a great deal to me.

michael snyder said...

Okay, since I really am ignorant, looks like I'm gonna have to start venturing guesses....

"Brandilyn's Groupies" seems to make the most sense.

But just in case:

-Bohemian Guppies
-Brokenhearted Guitarists
-Bald Giants
-Bland Gymnasts
-Bombshell Gnomes
-Blonde Geriatrics
-Barenaked Gardners

Am I close?

Wayne Scott said...

Good guesses, Michael. Sadly, they're incorrect, though I could quality if we were Bald Giants. :)

This, from Brandilyn's April 17 posting: "Dear BGs (for you newcomers, that stands for bloggees, or blog readers):"

michael snyder said...

Thanks, Wayne. And congrats to you (and all the other) Genesis finalists. Very cool news indeed.

And for the record, all hose creative guesses won't go to waste. The next seven times I start a rock & roll band, I won't have to obsess over the names!

Kristy Dykes said...

wAVING MY HAND IN THE AIR. Brandilyn, I read your blog. It's G-R-E-A-T, as Tony the Tiger used to say.

I just didn't apply for one of your writing gigs. But I do read you. I always learn something.

Re: coining a new word. You said to call it "blour" for "blog tour." Well, if we follow suit for how "blog" was created (web + log = blog), we'd get "gtour." We could pronounce it French-like: "ga-tour."

But "blour" sounds fine, only how do you pronounce it? Rhyming with flour? Or tour?

Thanks for a great blog. Maybe you should rename it since it doesn't focus on forensics but on fiction in general? I know one thing. You're a BIG help.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

"Blour" rhymes with "tour."

Web of Lies blog tour = WOL blour.

Sounds cool, but I can't use it because then that Snyder guy would REALLY be confused.

Stuart said...

I sure hope someone goes and asks that WoL Blour to dance, cause it always is a bit sad to see them sitting all alone with a half filled cup'o'punch staring mindlessly into the mirrorball.

Becky said...

Brandilyn, echoing sentiments about all your great teaching. I finaled in the sci fi/fantasy section of Genesis contest, in a large part because of what I learned at MH from you and other writers who do a wonderful job patiently teaching and critiquing. Add to that your "Characters" book and this here blog thingy ... I'd say you're playing an important role in my learning how to write.

Thank you.

Karen Wevick said...

Blour sounds good to me, however it might just be a BT, but who knows about these things. I have recently started thinking in acronyms - I'm thinking I'll start bumping off the little critters and return to English as a first language.
BTW fellow BGs who missed out on Mt Hermon this year, you can email Mt Hermon and get a list of the tapes and cds that are available at . (If it doesn't link, just cut and paste). Make sure you include that you're looking for the order form from the 2006 Writers Conference, since although it's hard to believe, Mt. Hermon has a lot of events every year. It's almost like being there minus all the practical jokes.
Otherwise, I have nothing of any value to offer as a suggestion for topics. I guess you could interview poor old Mildred Koppleheimer.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Blour...I like that! So we're going to have a 'Blour de WOL'...LOL!

I can't think of any new topics...I'm like Stuart...can't get the brain to engage...sinuses, pollen, oh my!

M. C. Pearson said...

My husband thinks they should be called BLT's. ;) Hope I get one of your books! Just sent you an husband said he will be reading it too and trying out for a part. Great, now I have competition inside the home!

Shannon said...

y'all are hilarious ...

I finaled in the SF/F category, too *waves at Becky* ... and I can attest to the fact that Brandilyn does kickin' crits and workshops! (She's even willing to be perfectly honest with poor, emotional, hugely pregnant writers ;-) That was one of the best crits I ever got, though!)

And *ahem* I'm a Bohemian Guitarist, thankyouverymuch.