Monday, May 08, 2006

Lies and More Lies

Happy Monday, BGs.

As you know, the topic of Satan’s lies became the spiritual theme for my recent novel Web of Lies, for the very reason that it crops up so often in my own spiritual walk, and as I pray with others. Here is a letter I received last week on this issue, and its follow-up correspondence. I’m running it—anonymously—with permission. I have a sense someone out there needs a reminder of this subject that so prevalently challenges God’s followers. Whoever you are, I am praying for you today.
Subject line: Hi—And Personal Prayer Need

Dear Brandilyn:

[In 2004] I asked you for prayer. When you laid hands on me, you felt the Holy Spirit communicated that there was a spirit of chaos in our family. If you only knew the half of it. But I won't drag you down in details.

You prayed that I would walk in freedom--which I did for a time--but I feel
that I have been struggling with it, along with our whole family. Please pray for
all of us to walk in freedom from this chaos and especially for me to walk
continually, moment by moment, in freedom. I feel like perhaps it is I who have
let it in.
My response:

Thanks so much for telling me this so I can help pray you through it. I'll add you to my prayer card for these very specific needs. Do let me know how things are going once in awhile.

You said, "I feel like perhaps it is I who have let it in." I'm not getting a sense if this is true or not, but I DO know that you can know by the tone of the voice you hear. If it's a gentle, loving, listen-to-Me-here's-what I-seek-of-you voice, it's from God. If it's the demeaning, caustic, what's-wrong-with-you-can't-you-do-anything-right? voice, it's from Satan. God gently, lovingly points out our mistakes and leads us toward righting them, but never demeans us in the process. Satan always brings our very Personhood into it--we didn't just make a mistake, we're totally BAD and WRONG.

It's an honor to continue praying for you.
Response to me:

You hit the nail on the head. I sometimes start hearing that latter, demeaning voice and
think it must be God, because I am so awful, etc. Not a good thing. Please pray that
I can hear God's voice through the clamor. A verse that struck me recently was "my sheep
hear my voice." I know without a doubt that I am one of His sheep, I'm just not sure how
I get so far off the track.

Thank you for your encouragement and prayer.


Anonymous said...

I can identify with this. I go through this too. Satan IS such a liar and his voice can be so confusing sometimes. We cannot mistake it for the true voice of our Father.

Wayne Scott said...

Brandilyn, I know I've thanked you for your teaching in the past. I also need to thank you for not being afraid to put your faith out there for all to see. You're a wonderful example.

Gina Burgess said...

Brandilyn, thank you for pointing out the differences in the voices! I knew the difference but had never catagorized them like that. Excellent!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

This is why we need to be reminded to put on our "armour of God" everyday, to protect us from the lies and entrapments of the enemy.

Everyone of us has a button that the enemy knows how and when to push. When we are unsure, when we are at our lowest.

Brandilyn you are so right to describe the Father's voice. This is one of the ways we can bring the darkness into the light where it must flee!

God bless you Brandilyn for being such a prayer warrior! That is a true calling!

Anonymous said...

And God Bless Brandilyn's letter writer. I've offered up a prayer for this person too. For me, Satan's voice comes at night and it can be the hardest thing to ignore. I feel it deep in my abdomen. But over the years I have learned to order that voice to flee from me in the name of Jesus. God would never try to destroy my confidence, so I now know it is not Him who whispers those thoughts. They ARE lies. Submitting to God is the way out of that. Anyway, I feel the letter writer's pain and pray that she will be delivered from her difficulties.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. Satan IS THE Big Liar. I've been hearing about a book that's hard to find but is online. The Spiritual Rollercoaster by I think Felicia or Fleta is an absolute trip for real. The only thing is being able to bypass the trueness of satan's graphic language in one of the chapters and have an open mind. Once that's done, then you can understand this whole book. The author was bold to come out of the closet in exposing satan's tactics while struggling with her gift God gave her. Man, this is a small book I'm told but has a BIG story to tell! I need to get one so I can share in this rare opportunity.