Monday, May 22, 2006

Our line-up for the Week

Happy Monday, BGs.

We have a lot going on here for the next couple weeks. I want to get back to our discussion on creating character empathy, and we will--on Wednesday. Turns out today and tomorrow my posts are up over at Charis Connection. I've written a two-day post on "Debriefing From a Blog Tour." Talks about the Christian blog tour idea, how it works, and my personal results. Here's how it starts:

Recently I and my latest novel, Web of Lies, zipped around the country—and world, actually—on a blog tour. (At my own blog, Forensics and Faith, known for its word-coining among other strange things, “blog tour” ended up shortening to “blour.”) These virtual road shows are the latest thing in online book marketing—and they have real merit. Herewith, I impart to you what I learned on my blour du jour.

First, some history. The Christian Fiction Syndicate (blour idea) was the brainchild of T.L. Hines (author of
Waking Lazarus, releasing this summer from Bethany). Currently about 60 people have signed up to be a part of this group. (About half participate each month on a regular basis.) A year ago, Tony saw the idea of a literary "blog tour" being hatched, with a couple of places even running the tours for money, then matching authors and their books with appropriate blogs. Tony liked the idea, but wanted to create something a bit different.

First . . .

Please go to Charis Connection to read rest of the post.

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