Friday, May 12, 2006

Updates and Next Week's Plans

Thanks to all who posted questions yesterday for Chris Well. Guy’s gonna be busy over the weekend, answering your wanna-knows. As soon as he’s done with that task, I’ll run his interview—probably next week.

Also next week I want to start a new topic on craft. So much has been happening around here, we haven’t focused on technique for awhile. I received this letter from a BG (bloggee), with the topic idea:

Based on Genesis scores [ACFW contest for unpublished writers], I sense judges had a difficult time connecting with my main character out of the box. How can we give our characters enough depth at the beginning to get readers to connect without bogging down in backstory that isn’t necessary?

Good topic, wouldn’t you agree? One that’s a real challenge to us writers. If you have any follow-up questions or ideas you’d like covered, you know where to leave 'em.

Now, a few more updates.

1. The photos are in! That wonderful photographer gave me around 380 to choose from, with various looks, and there are many really nice ones. With a bit of attitude, of course. The thought, as we shot the photos—even the photographer kept saying it—“I know something you don’t know.” That worked. I, agent and publisher will be making our choices soon. (We can choose up to four shots.) Man. I’m just glad that’s behind me.

2. Well, a nice surprise. My first suspense was published less than 5 years ago, and already two books are being reissued. After I think about 6 printings, the original Eyes of Elisha is being allowed to run out of stock, so it can be re-released with a new cover. Same for Dread Champion. I received a letter just today from someone saying he couldn’t find a Dread Champion in any stores. Yup, that’s because they’re already all gone. (Although seems to have a couple hanging around.) It, too, is being re-released. Both of these books should be out in June or so. I think the new cover for Eyes of Elisha is cool, but ya gotta admit, no new cover can live up to the first one, which won the Zondervan artist two national awards.

3. This summer, as part of Zondervan’s summer fiction sale, Brink of Death will go on sale for $4.97. Now that’s a deal! I can’t even buy the book at that price. Brink of Death was chosen, of course, because it’s the first book in the Hidden Face series. Always, the marketing idea is to hook new readers with that first book.

So all in all, with the re-release of the Chelsea Adams series books, the el cheapo price of Brink of Death, and the launch of the Kanner Lake series with Violet Dawn in August—this is gonna be one hoppin’ summer.

A blessed weekend, BGs. Next week, check back for that Chris Well interview, and some new talk on craft.


Chris Well said...

Wow, those new covers are very cool. With all the stuff your publisher is doing the next few months, sounds like this is the "Summer Of Brandilyn."



C.J. Darlington said...

Yep. Echoing Chris here. Way cool covers.

Chris said...

Great news, Brandilyn. And great covers. Do you get to add an author's note or anything to the re-issues?

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

No, I didn't. Would be cool, though, huh, a la Koontz. I'll have to think about that for future reissues.

Cara Putman said...

I really like the new Eyes of Elisha cover, though the original is hard to beat. And I'll have to stock up on Brink of Death at those prices -- it'll make great gifts. Glad you're happy with the results of this photo shoot -- it's always a little weird mugging for a camera. No matter how often they tell you to act natural, it's hard.

And I'm really looking forward to the discussion on craft. Thanks for taking it on.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Well congrats on the re-releases! The covers look great, but I'm partial to the originals!

Discussing craft is a great idea...I wait with baited breath!

William G. said...

Is it too late to ask Chris if he likes to play with spiders?