Monday, July 17, 2006

Best ICRS Report Saved for Last

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Today—one last post about ICRS. I saved the best for last, to remind us why we’re in the Christian market in the first place. Particularly among the hustle-bustle of the convention floor, and in the midst of meeting with editors and agents and selling new deals, etc., it’s easy to forget the merciful and powerful God upon whom the CBA market is built in the first place.

During my signing on Monday, with a long line of folks waiting to receive a book, a friend sidled up to me and whispered in my ear about needing prayer. I will call this person C. (An initial picked at random.) C. told me of lying awake the night before, knowing prayer was needed for heavy-duty health issues. One surgical-type procedure has already been done—which did not correct the problem C. was facing, and bigger surgery could be necessary. Just being on the convention floor was difficult for C., who felt dizzy and enervated, unsure of the ability to make it through the rest of the busy day. As C. laid in bed awake during the night, God impressed my name upon C. as the person to ask for prayer.

Well, how cool is this!? Isn’t this just like God—in the middle of my signing, and what does He remind me of? Signing, schmining, big deal. Nothing’s more important than our praying for one another as His body of believers. In fact, I had asked God before leaving for Denver for an opportunity to pray for someone’s healing. Here it was. I told C. that as soon as I could get away, we’d find a quiet corner to pray.

Less than an hour later, we were doing just that—with a mutual friend along who would silently pray the whole time in agreement with the prayers God sent. We faced a corner on the convention floor, turning our backs on the booths and people, shutting everything else out. That little area became hallowed ground.

As always, I first asked, “God, show me how to pray for C.” And I waited. The answer came quite quickly. But it was one of those God answers that made no sense. He does this often, which is why I always pray this prayer at first, even though I’ve been asked to pray for a specific request. God tends to have His own agenda.

The answer that came had to do with C.’s spine, which had nothing to do with the part of the body that C. was having trouble with. But what’s a person to do but believe God knows what He’s talking about? So I laid my hands on C.’s spine and prayed aloud for healing. God’s prayers kept flowing for the spine—all up and down it. They wouldn’t stop for awhile. I was not able to move on to what I thought we'd be praying for. Then the prayers moved to the head, as part of the skeletal system, and even down to the left foot. Well, okay, I did as I was told, but by the time I stooped down to lay my hand on the left foot, I really was wondering a bit about God. I finally asked, “C., is this making any sense to you?” “Oh, yes,” C. said, and I think our mutual friend said “yes” also. Wow, great! Confirmation for me—God did know what He was talking about. Amazing how that happens.

Finally, prayers for the skeletal system stopped and went on to the part of the body I was originally supposed to pray for. And then, when the prayers felt done with, I said amen.

C. and our friend both said, “Wow, the minute you laid hands on C’s spine, we felt heat, we felt energy.” C. felt healing immediately. I didn’t feel a thing, but I was sure glad to hear their report. God is so good!

Six days later, C. told me of much immediate healing that day—for the spine issues and much improvement for the other issues as well. C. was able to finish out the day with amazing energy.

Isn’t our God terrific!? In the midst of a convention floor, He decides to pull a miracle. I was so amazed—and yet I know I shouldn’t be. Well, I’m not amazed at God’s power or mercy, but I’m just always amazed when I get to be right in the middle of it. That’s a very humbling experience.

Four years ago was my first convention. I came home from it, feeling healthy. Two days later I stooped down to get a pan in a lower kitchen cabinet, my legs gave way, I fell down hard and couldn’t get up. That was my first day of battling Lyme disease. Four years later, and over three years after my own miraculous healing, God let me witness someone else’s healing. What a wonderful reminder of Who He Is.

God rules. Including on the ICRS convention floor.


Dineen A. Miller said...

Wow, Brandilyn, that is so awesome. Thank you for sharing that. I loved it when you prayed for me last year in Nashville. I just knew I had to have you pray for me. And what you said was so true. I'm still seeing answers to those prayers.

Kristy Dykes said...

What a powerful testimony, Brandilyn. The healing. The fact that God used you. The fact that you ALLOWED God to use you. Oh, the miracles we could see if we all ALLOWED God to flow through us, as you do.

God is good. All the time.

I'm blessed. And highly favored, as one of our elderly gents told me in church yesterday.

Thanks for sharing this miracle report.

Makes tears come to my eyes.

And makes me hungry for more.

Lynetta said...

What an awesome testimony of God's power and grace. Thanks for sharing that, Brandilyn! It's good to get a reminder of what God can do.

Domino said...

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. I think it is a challenge for all of us to let God have His way and trust Him when it doesn't make sense to us. Thanks for showing the boldness to obey anyway.

Julie Carobini said...

Yes, God is good. I loved reading this. Have been praying for two good friends with cancer lately--a lot. I often think of how God healed you when I'm thinking of them.

Karen Eve said...

Thanks Brandilyn. It's a good reminder to us all to stop and pray when God sets up an appointment like this. Daddy God wants to do good things in his children's lives, and healing is definitely at the top of list.

John Robinson said...

Thanks for posting that, Brandilyn. God really is all good, all the time, isn't He? My wife and I have some dear friends who attend a church that teaches God is unwilling, and possibly unable, to heal anymore. You know, the whole "miracles are not for today" thinking. It's gotten so bad that the very mention of God being good, and still having power, sends them into a towering rage. We've learned to tread lightly. Your post gave me shivers. God bless!

Patricia W. said...

You're right. You did save the best for last. For what's better than God doing what He does best!

Ron Estrada said...

That's awesome. I just read a book that told us not to pray for what we want, but to align our prayers to God's will. And that's what you did. Wow. Sometimes it seems like God really knows what He's doing. Imagine that.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Brandilyn, that is an awesome testamony of healing, and God answering prayers. I hope you keep a journal of all that God has done, for and through you. It would be an awesome testamony for your grandchildren to read someday!

Lynette Sowell said...

That's wonderful. Just another reminder there's more to life than books...