Thursday, July 06, 2006

Various Pieces of News

I returned to California yesterday for a quick stop—now this morning am flying out to Denver. Thursday night through Sunday morning is the ChiLibris retreat (Christian novelists). On Saturday we’ll attend the Christy banquet. Some of you BGs I’ll see at the CL retreat, or the Christy’s, or perhaps at the ICRS convention floor, which opens Monday. I’ll be signing at the Zondervan booth at 1 p.m. Monday—galleys of Violet Dawn. I will be posting from Denver and letting y’all know the sights and sounds.

A few other items for today:

1. Now that this blog has its new look, I want to start a formal link exchange. If you want to exchange a link with Forensics and Faith, please
e-mail me with your own hyperlinked blog name, or if it’s a Web site, hyperlink your own name. It’ll really help if you put “Link Exchange” in the subject line.

2. Over on Scenes and Beans, Bailey Truitt will soon start her own link exchange. If you want to exchange links with that blog as well, please also let me know in your e-mail.

3. Speaking of
Scenes and Beans—it got off to a great start with over 200 visits on the very first day! Lots of fun comments as well. Hope you all will check back over there today.

4. The latest Christian Retailing magazine has a full-page ad for Deception, Randy Alcorn’s conclusion to his previous two novels, Deadline and Dominion. It’s been awhile since Randy came out with a novel, and his stories are always terrific.
Deception releases in the fall. If you’re at ICRS, you can see it featured at the Multnomah booth, #1765.

5. Also according to Christian Retailing, a new biblical film from Hollywood—The Nativity Story—is releasing December 1 from New Line Cinema. This film tells of a two-year period in Mary and Joseph’s lives leading to the birth of Christ and the arriving of the Magi. The screenplay is by Mike Rich, who also wrote Finding Forrester, The Rookie and Radio. Tyndale is releasing a correlating novel with the same title by best-selling author
Angela Hunt on November 1. Tyndale will be working closely with New Line on promotional and marketing opportunities. Waytago, Angie.

6. Do you know about You can register
here in order to use the site. There you can leave your opinions about all kinds of things—including books. (And you can read others' opinions.) That’s right—leave a mini-review and see how others rate what you had to say. One more way to get the word out about a book.

7. is currently selling bargain copies of
Getting Into Character for $3.99! That’s $13 off the retail price. Quantities are limited, and the book continues to sell at its regular discount price of $13.99. The “bargain” books are new, but they have a line drawn across the bottom of the pages when the book is closed. They were probably bought from some bookseller going out of business. So when these copies are gone, you’ll not find GIC at this price again.

8. Over a seven-week period, the first twelve chapters of Violet Dawn will be serialized on the Kanner Lake Web site--starting tomorrow. Sign up
here to receive an e-mail notification when the new chapters are posted each Friday (one to two a week). Big Honkin’ Chicken’s Club members—here’s your chance to ease into the story. Come on, even you can handle one to two chapters a week. For every 20 people who sign up, one will win an autographed copy of Violet Dawn.

See ya BGs tomorrow from the Mile High City.


relevantgirl said...

I'll see you at the Christys! Wooohoooo...

And, thanks for the Alcorn news. That's so cool! I didn't know!

eileen said...

Man, my copy of Violet Dawn was left behind. Guess you can scribble your autograph on...a check? my hand? LOL

C U at the banquet or on the floor.

Stuart said...

Make sure you pack an umbrella! It's been downright stormy the whole past week and I haven't seen any reports that it is going to change.

Have fun at ChiLibris and ICRS! Look forward to reading your posts.

Wayne Scott said...

Have a great time in Denver. I'll be waving from 60 miles North of you. :)

I just bought a copy of Getting Into Character - thanks for the tip! There are only 4 left at the discounted price.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Wow. Sounds like you're going to be doin' a lot of traveling...have fun and give us all the details!

Katie Hart said...

Thanks for the tip about the bargain books. I've been wanting to buy GIC for a long time, and was finally able to indulge myself. And Amazon offered me a free trial of Amazon Prime, so I didn't have to pay for two-day shipping.

Guess I'll have something to read while you all are at ICRS.