Monday, August 14, 2006

Cast a Long Shadow

Wireless is down at our house (agh!), so I’ve had to run to town to post this quickly. Hope it’s back up tomorrow for a regular post.

As a conclusion to my mother’s story on Friday, I want to tell you about her book, Cast a Long Shadow. (Kristy mentioned it in her comment last Friday.) Cast a Long Shadow follows three generations in my mother’s family—her grandmother, her mother and Mom. These aren’t just sweet little stories. These women had some real drama in their lives.

Julia (grandmother), raped repeatedly as a young teenager and pregnant by her attacker (her employer).

Pearl (mother), widowed at an early age with a small child.

Ruth (my mom), born into a poor coal miner’s family in southern Illinois—and ending up halfway around the world fighting cobras and jungle cats in India.

Copies of the book can be bought from Ruth Seamands at $10, plus postage. Please
email her directly.

Mom’s other books, Missionary Mama and House by the Bo Tree, about her life in India, are now out of print. Some great stories in those books. Mom has put some of them in her section of Cast a Long Shadow. Mom has a wonderful sense of humor, and through all the difficulties in India, it surfaces and pulls her through.

Many of you have met Mom at the ACFW conference. She remains the doyenne of the organization. (She turns 90 this year!) She will be at the conference again. If you’re going for the first time, make sure you meet Mom. She’s one who never saw a stranger, and absolutely is wonderful to talk to.


Karen Wevick said...

BTW - both books are available at They even have new copies of Missionary Mama, and plenty of used copies available of House by the Bo Tree.
So Brandilyn, were you born in India?
God Bless,

rose mccauley said...

Thaks for sharing this excerpt from your mom's book, Brandilyn. it's been in my TBR pile for a long time and reading this story makes me want to read the whole book soon. ruth is a true jewel of God's kingdom! rose

Pam Meyers said...

Brandilyn, I love your mama. Folks, if you're coming to the ACFW conference and haven't met Ruth, make sure you do. She's quite a lady. And you'd never know she's almost at the big nine-o. Thanks for sharing a portion of her book on your blog! I feel like I know your dad I've heard so much about him from Ruth.

T. Forkner said...

What an honor to have a writer mom! The talent must run in the family. I can't wait to meet your mom.


Gina Holmes said...

Mama Ruth praying/crying with me at last year's conference is a memory I hold dear. You're blessed to have such a sweet, God fearing woman for a mother.