Monday, August 21, 2006

Follow up to Friday's Post and Other Stuff

Lots of continued discussion last Friday on the endorsement issue. I wanted to make sure everyone saw Sue Brower's response to part one of the discussion on Thursday. Sue is acquiring editor for fiction at Zondervan. She said:

1) I don't require endorsements in the proposal.

2) I think the only good endorsement is one from an author who is one of the top five in the sub-genre you are publishing in.

3) I do want to know if you have any contacts with said top five authors.

4) Endorsements are highly overrated. Author name, cover, [back cover] copy, and "friend and family" recommendation come up more often as motivators for purchasing a new book.

In other news:

I am traveling for a few days, so to help out, tomorrow we will have a guest blogger--Melanie Wells. She shall write whatever she pleases.

Melanie is a suspense author published by Multnomah. Her first two novels are When the Day of Evil Comes and Soul Hunter. Freaky demon stuff.


Kristy Dykes said...

The info from Sue is good to know. Thanks for sharing.

C.J. Darlington said...

Great to hear an acquisition editor's response to this question. Thanks, Sue. Looking forward to reading your entry, Melanie.

All the best,
Your Christian Book & Music Terminal

Cheryl Russell said...

Thanks for posting the information from Sue.

Oh, cool. Melanie Wells as a guest blogger. I love her "freaky demon stuff." I did an interview for Infuze and she's a hoot. I'm looking forward to her posts. :-)

Lynette Sowell said...

Oh, hooray. I really enjoyed Melanie's books. I like her "voice" and hope she comes out with another series...

Katie Hart said...

I thought editors frowned on "my mom loved this" statements. Though my mom stayed up to 7AM reading one of my books. Does that count for something? ;-)

Gina Holmes said...

Yay, Melanie Wells. Yay, freaky demon chick lit stuff! A girl after my own heart. Can't wait. Have fun/be safe, BC.