Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Long Live the SBGs!

The Scenes and Beans bloggers at the conference, minus a few attendees were who strangely MIA at that moment.

Kneeling, left to right: Chawna Schroeder (writing as Bev Trexel) and Michael Snyder (Leslie Brymes).

Standing, left to right: Me, Beth Goddard (Bev Trexel), Dineen Miller (Baialey Truitt), Jennifer Tiszai (Leslie Brymes), Marjorie Vawter (Sarah Wray), Pamela James (Bailey Truitt), Stuart Stockton (Ted Dawson, aka S-Man), Michelle Pendergrass (Jake Tremaine), and Kjersten Nickleby (Wilbur Hucks).

Also at the conference were Sandra Moore (Bailey Truitt), Gina Holmes (Angie Brendt), Cara Putman (Jake Tremaine), Janet Ruben (Jared Moore), Laura Domino (Sarah Wray), and only for an hour or so, Lynette Sowell (Carla Radling).

Stuart missed the first hour's rush at the book signing, but then came to stand behind me and co-sign copies of Violet Dawn as S-Man. When people looked at him strangely (that is, even when he didn't have his dragon head on), I explained that a character in the book is based on Stuart, and S-Man's science fiction manuscript, Starfire, is Stuart's real-life manuscript. I told them my autograph on their novel meant little, but S-Man's would make it worth real money some day. They walked away happy.

Someone took a picture of Stuart and me signing books. Can't remember who. If you're reading, please send the picture so I can post it.

Many of the SBGs had meetings with editors/agents and were asked to submit proposals. Cara Putman received her first contract offer from Barbour at the very beginning of the conference. Waytago, Cara!

All of the SBGs who have Web sites (and that's about everyone) are listed under "Friends" on Scenes and Beans. They're also listed here, over to the left. Check out their Web sites and blogs--and read their creative posts on Scenes and Beans as the Kanner Lake characters who hang out at Java Joint.


Violet Dawn goes on its blour (blog tour) today through Friday. Check out the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance's page for more information on the blour and book.


I received the new fiction catalog today. It has some incredible bargains on fiction! Violet Dawn is featured on page 7--at 40% off. That's a $7.79 price instead of the regular $12.99. An amazing offer for a new book. On page 52 it's also featuring the entire Hidden Faces four-book series for $37.99, instead of the usual $52. Individual books in this series are selling for $9.99. The whole catalog is worth checking out, due to all its savings on novels in all genres.


Today on Scenes and Beans

Bailey Truitt: Just When You Thought You Knew a Person

He got this look on his face, like a toad looking up at a size thirteen tennis shoe bearing down fast...


Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'll have to go check out I need MORE books!

The blog tour will be awesome...CFBAers rock!

Anonymous said...

The S-man was signing books! I can't believe I missed that! I am soooo there next year.

Anonymous said...

I missed the whole booksigning thing. It's Mike's fault.

michael snyder said...

It was my fault, Michelle. I apologize. But if you remember, you were helping me perfect that serial killer look that keeps showing up in all these post-conference photos. Thanks for that. As you can see, it worked!

It was great meeting all you other S&B bloggers.

And if you care, my knee still hurts from all that kneeling.

Cara Putman said...

I'm not quite sure why I was in a daze Thursday night :-) Sorry to have missed the photo though. It completely slipped my hyperventilating mind. (Can a mind hyperventilate?)

Thanks for letting me partner with you in the prayer room.

And I love the teasers for Scenes and Beans -- that's great!

Ane Mulligan said...

Violet Dawn is featured on the COVER of the LifeWay catalog that I received today! :o)