Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Inspired By...The Bible Experience

It's here! Zondervan's ground-breaking audio version of the New Testament (using the TNIV--Today's New International Version) is now on sale. The entire New Testament is dramatically acted, complete with sound effects and musical score. Want to hear the story of Jesus calming the stormy sea? Click here.

The cast includes over 200 actors and other well-known figures from the African-American community. Blair Underwood plays Jesus. Samuel Jackson is the voice of God. Cuba Gooding, Jr. plays Judas. Denzel Washington will be the Old Testament Solomon (the Old Testament CD set will be available in a year).

Retail price for the 19-CD regular audio set is $49.99, and the MP3 version is at $34.99. The Family Christian store in Lexington, KY I visited last week was selling the regular audio set at a promotional price of $39.99--but that won't last for long. This regular audio set also includes a DVD of the making of the recording. The manager at this store pointed to a large screen that was showing the video trailer for the project. "No one who's seen that video," said the manager, "has walked out of here without The Bible Experience in his hand."

To see the video trailer, click here.

Last July in my report of the ICRS convention, I told you about talking to various people in the Zondervan suite about this project. How excited they were to be working with the Inspired By...Media Group. This project was not Zondervan's idea. It came straight from the Media Group in Hollywood, who wanted to produce a "visceral" Bible experience. They approached Zondervan with their proposal--and the project was born.

This will be an awesome and moving Christmas present for someone.

For more information on The Bible Experience and for links to numerous articles about its production and cast, visit this page on the Zondervan Web site.


Wayne Leman said...

I'm glad that The Bible Experience is now available for sale. I previewed some of it a few months ago and was very impressed with the quality of the performances. And I hope that use of the TNIV will bring more people to trust it, rather than those who have been accusing it of being a bad translation. On our blog we have had many posts pointing out problems in the criticism against the TNIV.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I, too was impressed with the quality..but then again, those are all quality actors!

I've got several sets in mind for presents this Christmas!

Janet Rubin said...

That sounds so cool. Thanks for the recommendation!

Cara Putman said...

I picked it up on Saturday at Sam's Club of all places -- and based on your mention of it in the spring. Then I was at our Parables store and saw that they have samplers that I'm going to get as stocking stuffers for people for Christmas. I'll have to break mine open -- I'm so excited to listen to the Bible this way!

Domino said...

Beautiful. Awesome. Exactly what this generations has been waiting for. I can't wait to get mine.

Air Force Family said...

Thank you for the recommendation. Sounds pretty neat.

Karen Wevick said...

This is very exciting. I ordered mine from Amazon for a very low price. I get to drive around a lot and what better to listen to.

Cara Putman said...

What I've listened to is fantastic. A really top-notch production.

Jean said...

Has anyone heard the Old Testament yet?