Friday, October 06, 2006


Leslie Brymes: Learning To Drive--Part 2

Up ahead the road curved to the left. I was going a good speed by now and managing to keep relatively to the middle of the track. When it started curving I started turning the wheel. Only problem was, the truck didn't want to respond to my action. Dad was yelling at me to turn, I was tugging on the wheel, and the truck was going straight toward the ditch. We finally came to a stop when the front wheels bounced up the other side of the ditch, the hood just inches from a fence...



This is the third and final day for the blour of Dark Hour, the latest from Ginger Garrett. Dark Hour is about the house of Jezebel and its attempt to overthrow the lineage of Christ. As a result of the blour, Dark Hour is number two on technorati, surpassed only by Bob Woodward's new political nonfiction. Ginger Garrett is also known for her novel Chosen, about the biblical Queen Esther.

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