Friday, November 10, 2006

Fabulous Friday!

Whew, haven’t we had some heavy topics this week. They’ve been thought-provoking, and your comments have been great. But for the sheer sake of balance, I’m thinkin’ Forensics and Faith is about due for another crazy story. Problem is, being Friday, my brain is fried.

Perhaps I shall just babble.

Here’s the thing. I am finally within spitting distance of my current book. About 60 pages away from the end. Should be done with the draft—I’d say by a week from tomorrow. Not too long a spit.

Then it’s off to Coeur d’Alene for Thanksgiving. Yay! I will be editing for the first couple days of Thanksgiving week, then doing all final editing after Thanksgiving. THEN—off to Zondervan goes my manuscript.

You writers out there--remember the old days when we had to print out all the pages and mail ’em? What a pain. Plus it was costly. Either in the overnight shipment, ’cause I’d push it to the last minute, or in number of writing days. Now it’s an e-mail, and we’re done!

I have a routine after I hit “send” on that auspicious e-mail. I crawl outta my chair (yes, definitely it is crawling, because I’ve no doubt pulled an all-nighter), get down on my knees and pray. My prayer is quite erudite and literary. It goes something like this:

"Thank you, God, for getting me through another book! Oh, God, thank you! Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you …"

When I am done with this procedure (which might take some time), I push to my feet, shake myself off—and look dazedly around the office. Wow. So this is where I’ve been all this time. Then I’ll stumble into a vacant-eyed walk through the house. Man, look at all the rooms! Look at all the stuff!

Look at all the ironing!

(I have things to confess about ironing, but I shall leave this for another day.)

Look at the world and all the people!

I must have been glazed out of my mind for the past couple months.

Ah, the sensations. I can almost feel them now. Can’t wait!

But no, I must pull back. I still have pages to write and pages to edit.

Meanwhile it occurs to me I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be cooking for Thanksgiving. Sigh. Ah’ll think about that tamarrah.

For now I’m hangin’ in there, teeth gritted, jaw clenched. Counting the pages to the end. Homestretch, here I come.....!


Janet Rubin said...

I'm excited for you, Brandilyn! Can't wait to read it. Have a great weekend.

Air Force Family said...

The homestretch!! That's fantastic! Way to go Brandilyn! Can't wait until it's publish and I can read the next book in the Kanner Lake series!! Wow! I do use a lot of exclamation points, don't I? lol Have a splendiferous weekend!

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Ooh congrats on the home stretch! It always amazes me how much in the zone we writers can get, so much so that that world feels more real than this one. I always have that kind of blinking, stunned look when I come away from the computer.

Susanne said...

Must be so exciting to hit that point where you see the end! I love your prayer! It reminds me of when Noah came off the ark and the first thing he did was to build an alter to God and God "smelled the soothing aroma... and blessed Noah and his sons." (Gen8:20-9:1)

Dineen A. Miller said...

Hot dog!!! You can take that as an exclamation or a suggestion for Thanksgiving dinner. Your choice. :-)

Praying for a clear victory slide over that finish line. What a champ you are, Brandilyn!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Congratulations on what I'm sure is another job well done!

Peg said...
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Anonymous said...

OKay, I'm still learning this blogger stuff. Just ignore that "comment deleted" note above.

Anyway, congratulations, Brandilyn, on reaching that home stretch! Can't wait to read the next Kanner Lake book.