Thursday, November 02, 2006

Two Web Sites For You

Two updated web sites for you—both worth checking out. I love the writing from these authors.

1. Dean Koontz. I’ve signed up to receive updates about him. Here’s the latest:

Dear Readers,

Hi! It’s Dean Koontz here inviting you to visit my new and improved Web site — While it may not rock your world or explain black holes in the universe, it’s a lot better than listening to elevator music or getting a root canal.

There’s plenty of news about the third and latest novel of Odd Thomas, an unlikely hero and short order cook from Pico Mundo, California, who attracts the lingering dead. The new book is called BROTHER ODD and it takes Odd to an isolated monastery in the western mountains where he seeks refuge. Unfortunately, peace and quiet on not on the menu and Odd must overcome the greatest force of evil he’s ever encountered.

The second Odd novel, FOREVER ODD, is out in paperback this week, and the first book, ODD THOMAS, is already in stores in trade paperback.

Don’t miss CSI starting Thursday, November 16 on CBS at 9 p.m. EST to see the first in a series of commercials on BROTHER ODD. For a sneak preview on the Web, check out on November 13.

The new site is loaded with fun features including interviews, insights, podcasts, videos and book excerpts. Ten Questions is a section dedicated to readers. The answers are informative and even funny. There’s also a special section just for my dog, Trixie. She insists on writing her own books and reviewing mine when she feels like it. This month she shares her opinion of BROTHER ODD.

I hope you enjoy the new site and will visit it often. Our goal is to continue to surprise, inform and entertain you.

See you on!

The fun thing about Koontz, besides his great suspense, is how funny the man himself is. Quite entertaining to read news from him and watch his videos. You’ll get a taste of an “Odd” video just by clicking on the site. And if you haven't read the Odd Thomas novels--what's the matter with ya? BHCC members--I think even you can handle 'em. Well, on second thought-you Big Honkin' Chickens' Club folks are scared of your own shadows.

2. Travis Thrasher. His update:

On this Halloween night, I wanted to take the time to email you to let you know about my overhauled website. Please check it out when you have a chance:

I've made it more simple and straightforward.
[Brandilyn--trust me, it needed it.] That means I'll be updating it more and will have a blog I will add to weekly. [A Travis Thrasher blog, way cool.]

2007 will be a busy year for me, with three releases scheduled to come out. I'm also less than three weeks away from becoming a father for the first time, so life will definitely be very exciting and interesting in the coming months!

Hope you enjoy the new site and have a chance to check out some of the new books. As always, I'd love to know what you think.

And as always, I look forward to reading Travis’s next novel.


C.J. Darlington said...

The only Travis Thrasher novel I've read thus far is Gun Lake, and I enjoyed it. It was different, but not so different that it wasn't still enjoyable. Heading on over to Travis' new website ...

Unknown said...

I absolutely love Koontz!

batgirl said...

Thank, Brandilyn. I'll check out koontz's web site. Right now I'm reading Velocity. Can you believe it's my first Koontz novel? Yeah, he's good! By the way, I just finished Eyes of Elisha. What an awesome first novel! I only have a few more to read to catch up on all your stuff. Learning lots from you:)

Eden said...

I've heard of Koontz because my husband recently read Life Expectancy. He said he was really quite funny and that I should read him. I've never heard of Travis Thrasher. I certainly have to check both of them out.

Cheryl said...

I love Koontz's Odd series and pre-ordered Brother Odd months ago. Can't wait until it gets here! All other reading material will get shoved to the side.

Travis Thrasher is a great author! Blinded was awesome and Admission was hard to put down. I'm planning on reading his other books too, both past and present. :-)