Friday, January 19, 2007

Picture Day

Well, hey, because it's Friday, and my posts often look mighty boring, due to lack of pictures... (Some of you have photos or graphics every day, and I admire that!) So here are a few photos of this and that from last year, just because.

Mom, my sisters and I. Sisters are in order, left to right, according to age, with Mom in middle.

My husband and I in Union Square, San Francisco at Christmas. That's the famed Macy's department store in the background, with lighted wreaths in every glass square.

Daughter Amberly and I at the Violet Dawn launch party in August.

Driving through the redwoods in the Avenue of the Giants, northern California.

Morning jog in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Plotting session with writers group at annual retreat, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho home. (Mom's in the center--playing mama to us all.)

If you have a photo on your blog you'd like us all to see, give us the link in the comments. Those of you who are so inclined can come back on the weekend and vote for your favorite.


Grady Houger said...

You don't need photos to be interesting Brandilyn! I come here because of your fun personality and you teach us so much.

A real challenge would be to describe a picture you have taken.
My favorite picture happened at home one snowy winter evening. I held my pocket digital camera to shoot through binoculars, and got a picture of a coyote walking through the storm. It looks forlorn traveling between the edge of the woods and the snow covered marsh grass. Has it found enough mice to survive? Does it have anyone to go home to?

View here.


Suzan Robertson said...

Lovely photos!

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness! Is that a red Vette? My husband would be so jealous. Although he's pretty happy with his hot rod pickup right now.

John Robinson said...

Loved the pics, Brandilyn, especially the one taken in Northern California (and not just because of the 'Vette either!) You see, our son and daughter-in-love, along with our two little grandsons, moved there last October to be missionaries to the hippie and backpacker culture that's so strong there. It truly is a labor of love, as they're living in primitive conditions and in need of support. But the stories they're telling us of the lives they're touching are great. If you don't mind, I'd like to give their blog address here (and if I'm out of line, Brandilyn, please feel free to delete). It's They try to update it weekly with stories and pictures, and I know they'd feel honored if people would read it and pray for them. Thanks (and sorry I hijacked the thread!)

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Welcome to Redneckville. Population 3. Phil, Zane, and I.

A 'vette just wouldn't fit into our lifestyle, but suits you just right Ms. Collins.

(and you wonder why I have Jake stories)

Nick said...

Hey, that writer's retreat looks like too much fun. I wonder if you actually got anything accomplished or just had a great time together.

I think someone needs to organize a fiction editor's retreat!

C.J. Darlington said...

Oh, yeah, Nick. I was thinking the same thing. Wish I could've been a fly on the wall.

Great glimpse into your life, Brandilyn. Thanks for sharing the pics!

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Grady, that's a cool photo!

Michelle, I do think we need to get Jake T. one a them purple trucks...

Nicole, yes it's a new metallic red 'vette. It's also my husband's. I drive a boring Lexus SUV.

John, thanks for leaving the blog link. That area of northern California really does need some missionaries. What a great service your son and his family are providing.

Hey, Nick! (I'm assuming this is Nick Harrison, fiction acquisitions editor at Harvest House.) Sure, I can do an editor's retreat--if you all can behave yourselves. And want you to know--this year I am re-reading your wonderful daily devotional, Magnificent Prayer.

Susanne said...

Wow, you've been all over this last year. Nice to see a peek into your life! You and your hubby make a might fine couple and your daughter is gorgeous!

Becky said...

Well, I just acquired the hardware/software to upload pictures to my blog, so I couldn't resist adding a totally irrelevant picture to the end of my post today. I love mountains, though, so you can enjoy a scene at the end of today's post at A Christian Worldview of Fiction.


Nicole said...

I love Lexus SUVs! Although I love my old Pathfinder, too.

SolShine7 said...

Cool pics. I'm glad you decided to spice things up.

Here's a picture from food blog *Sweet Veggie*

And here's the link to my food blog:

William G. said...

Ahhhh... nice 'Vette. The C6s are really starting to grow on me. I do have one question though. Automatic or 6-speed?

There's a business right beside the place where I get my hair cut. The owner has a pair of black Z06s outside for sale. One's a C5, the other's a C6. I cry whenever I pass by.

With my bad back, though, I should be setting my sports car aspirations more toward an '06 GTO than a 'Vette.

Jenny said...

Oh, yeah, love the 'vette but I also loved the pic of Macy's all lit up for Christmas. Gotta love San Francisco.

I had trouble picking which links to use so please forgive me for going over-board.
This first one was based on a talk I gave at our church however I got my material from the ACFW conference in Dallas. Click here to view it. The answers to the questions on that blog can be seen here.

My final one is a blog I wrote after a misadventure with a lesson. My dogs look adorable--if you don't believe me, check it out.

Crossing my fingers that all the links work. And again I apologize for going over-board--moderation has never been my strong suit. Maybe I need to work on that for a New Year's resolution? Nah:-)

Abundant blessings,
Jenny Cary

Kristy Dykes said...

Arriving late to the Here's a pic of...something. It's on a blog post. I don't have a 'vette, but I've got this. Tip: It's GREAT for writers, when you're trying to plot a novel.

Scroll down to see what it is.

Becky said...

My vote if for Grady's picture. That is one of the coolest scenes. Ought to be a prize-winning photo of some sort. I really love it!


~ Brandilyn Collins said...

I agree Grady's photo is great. But then Karen's dish looks good enough to eat off the computer, and Jenny's dogs look like great pals.

William G.--a confession. I don't do stick shifts. Ever. Period. Don't know how. Don't want to learn. I'm not into working to drive. I'm into ease of driving. So when my husband gets a bee in his bonnet to get some new sports car--it has to be automatic. So I can drive it, too, when I'm very, very good.

I'm thinkin' we should have a picture day once a month. Y'all can start preparing for the next one by searching for a great photo. Maybe I'll tell you the day before that it's coming, so you'll know to post yours the next day.

rose said...

Hope I'm not too late to post on this one. I recently returned from a mission trip to Honduras that I went on with my daughter and several other dental students and dentists. check out my blog at to see the two of us in front of a native carving at a hotel where we attended an English service while there. (and some other photos, too) Thanks for this opportunity to get a glimpse into your life and others' lives, Brandilyn. I love the pic of the brainstorming session with mama ruth in the center! love and prayers, rose

Rachel Hauck said...

Lovely pictures, Brandilyn!!!