Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mount Hermon Blues

Well, it’s about that time. Numerous BGs are now getting ready to go to Mount Hermon Writers’ Conference. Wish I could be with you.

I haven’t missed an MH conference since I started attending in 2000. In 2004 I started teaching there and have been on the teaching and critique staff ever since. Every year when I go to MH, it feels like old home week.

After my accident I waited and prayed about 10 days to figure out what I should do. It became obvious to me I needed to pull out for this year. There’s a lot of walking at Mount Hermon, and the ground is hilly and very uneven. In 2003 I attended in the middle of my Lyme disease battle by driving around in an electric cart. Thing is, as sick as I was, at least I could hobble off that cart into the dining room, etc. Now I’m completely on crutches with no weight-bearing on the left leg. It just seemed like too much for me to try to get around the campus.

So I will miss all of you. Hope you have a wonderful time. While you’re sitting around in the lounge at night, think of me and send me an email, okay? Write something entertaining about the conference, and I’ll run it here. Just don’t go killing off anybody without me. Although I don’t know who you’d kill. I managed to bump off every Christian chick lit author last year—so who’s left who deserves to die?

Maybe the agent or editor who turned you down. Or some nasty critiquer. Hm. A tale of revenge …

So who’s going?


relevantgirl said...

Oh I'm so saaaaaad. Waaaaaa.

I'll be there, teaching a track. I'll surely miss you. Maybe the rest of us could start a rumor about your REAL whereabouts, that you're in the witness protection plan in Mexico, or that you've had a run in with CTU and are necessary (in the next 24 hours) to solve a world crisis.

Or better yet, could you please have your hubby take a picture of you, then blow it up to life sized and mount it on cardboard. We could take cardboard Brandilyn everwhere and take pictures of her! How fun!

I'm seriously sad. I'm going to have ish (issues) this conference because my redheaded pal won't be there. Be assured, you'll be missed.

Lynette Sowell said...

I won't be there. Last year was my first year, and I had a blast. Other priorities this year. PLUS, I had to miss ACFW last year, which won't happen again.

I'm going to console myself by pulling out the CDs of Jim Bell's track last year. Everyone who's going, have a great time.

Domino said...

I'll be at MH this year. We'll all solemnly drag our feet up and down the hills. Everyone will talk about how much your presence is missed. Our sober faces will reflect our unsmiling hearts - during the day.

Then, at night, when darkness prevails... We'll post comments on your blog from all your books' villains.

hee hee hee (evil laughter)

Becky said...

I'm going. And I was planning on bringing chocolate! ;-)

Won't be the same without you. I love this conference and it actually looks like it might not rain for a change!

On another note, I had a UPS man deliver a package today--my blog tour copy of Coral Moon. Very cool! Now I know what book I'm taking with me to MH.


Air Force Family said...

I'm so sorry you won't get to go to MH, Brandilyn. What a bummer for you! There is always next year, right?
How are you healing up? Thank you for your email. I'll respond later today.

Judy said...

Oh, Brandilyn, I will miss you. You've always been part of my Mount Hermon experience.

But, I admit I'm a tad relieved. I've worried that this would be the year of the demise of a nonfiction author. :-)

Take care! You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.

Virginia Smith said...

You will be missed! We'll be praying for you.

You bumped off all the chick lit authors last year???? Uh ... do they have it out for chick lit authors at Mount Hermon? (gulp) Maybe I should rethink my attendance. This is my first Mount Hermon. I hope it's not my last.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Virgina, check out the posts from April 10, 11 and 12 last year. Good thing you weren't at MH then. You'd be dead.

Jason said...

Well Brandilyn, you can keep the rest of us who couldn't make it entertained while they whoop it up there.

Like Becky, I got my Coral Moon today and started right in! I've already noted a couple of Brandilynisms the first two chapters! One problem - on the back cover copy it lists the protaganist as "Leslie Williams", not "Brymes". I hope all the first printing isn't like that.

Don't worry, we'll keep ya (virtual) company!


~ Brandilyn Collins said...

The "Leslie Williams" mistake is a mind-boggler. The copy started out right and somewhere along the way got wrong. At any rate, it'll be fixed on the next printing.

Tracy Ruckman said...

Awww - I'm gonna miss you, Brandilyn! I'd already told my husband Tim that we would seek you out to pray with you - it's our first MH visit, too!

May God speed your recovery along, and surround you with His protection, comfort, care, and LOVE.

Rich said...

Drat! I hoped you'd be there. I'd even volunteer to push you around in a wheel chair. Just think of all the publicity you could get, rolling around selling and autographing copies of Coral Moon?

My wife, Sheryl, will be there for the first time and was looking forward to meeting you. I don't think she believes all the stories I told about you.