Wednesday, March 07, 2007


From Mark (written last night)

9:30 am, Ortho Neuro ward nursing station: (husband) "So how is THE patient this morning?" (nurse) "Well, let's say she has made it clear to us what she will and will not do." (husband) "This is promising, she never leaves you guessing. She must be getting better." (nurse) "I guess so, but I wish we could get her to wake up and take some food. She just wants to sleep, keep the lights out and shades drawn. She needs to wake up. You go in there and wake her up. She has made it clear that we are not to do that."

So starts the first day of convalescence. Brandilyn is the type of person who is blessed with a very strong personality. Even when heavily sedated, she can make her feelings known with just the look in her eye. Those big lovely green eyes can communicate volumes. I found her half asleep in a drug induced state of mind. Her speech was very weak and she was asking things like "What day is it? What time is it?" When I told her it was only 10 am, she couldn't believe it. She thought that it must be at least early evening, if not later. She felt like she had been awake all day long. I perked-up at this thinking about that old adage "time flys when you are having fun." As you can see, I was proving no help at all. I couldn't get her to wake up, sit up or do much of anything else.

The nurse came in about then (I expect) to see what progress I was making. She looked at me, shook her head and then made a comment to Brandilyn something like "how are we doing?" Brandilyn gave her a look that said "what do you mean WE?" I decided that I would be more help just stroking her brow and saying nothing. That worked! Someday I will get the hang of all this subtle communications stuff. (husband) "You realize that she will never wake up as long as you are giving her pain medications. They always knock her out." (nurse) "Well 'Dr. Welby', if we take her off pain meds her foot will be very painful. Just what do you suggest that we do?" (husband) Err, uh, well, maybe I better go run some errands." (husband exits stage right)

3:30 pm, Ortho Neuro Ward Nursing Station: (husband) "So how is our patient this afternoon?" (nurse) "She is doing much better. She actually let us in the room and is coming out of her meds beautifully." I go in the room and Brandilyn is sitting up in bed, eyes open, drinking water with the window shades open. She tells me what great nursing talent they have in the unit and then describes each one by name. She has now acquired a room mate. She said that the pain medication that they had her on was making her so sensitive to noise that when the patient was being moved into the room it "about drove me crazy." She had them take her off pain meds entirely and give her just Ibuprofen (Do I know my wife or what?). She was feeling much better and had minimal leg pain.

I am now going to end this edition of the "Recovery Blog" and get back to the hospital. I expect that she will be discharged tomorrow. I do need to point out that the nursing staff at this hospital is first rate. I took a little, but not too much, liberty in my rendition of the events. Thank you all for the wonderful responses to yesterday's post. She may let me do the one for tomorrow. I expect that getting situated on crutches will be an experience worth sharing with you all. Thanks so much for your well wishes and prayers. I don't know how God is going to use all of this, but it's a major event in her (our) lives, and I am sure that it will lead us somewhere we would never have gone otherwise.

Good night all and God Bless,


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Nicole said...

You guys are one kickin' couple--err, well, you will be when she gets the full use of her faculties back.

Kristy Dykes said...

Have you and B. ever considered co-writing? You're a very good writer, Mark!

Please tell B. we're praying for her. She's in our thoughts and prayers mucho!

Ernie W. said...

Thanks so much Mark for keeping us updated on Brandilyn's recovery.

Todd said...

I just finished reading the few posts here concerning Brandilyn's accident. I feel your pain B! I'm disabled from birth and in '97 had to have reconstructive surgery on both ankles. At the same time. A major undertaking. My feet weren't allowed on the ground for 5 months. I'm sure you're recovery will be quicker with it being one ankle. Maybe we can share war stories after this is passed. :-)

eileen said...

Oh, I think we BGs might need Husband to set up a blog. The inside scoop, doncha know? BC, you've got a winner. A man who strokes your brow AND keeps your readers hooked. Who knew they existed? Get well soon. Praying.

Nick said...

Well, I'm personally betting we'll see a "seatbelt suspense" novel taking place either on snowmobiles (what a chase scene!) or in a hospital before long.

Mark, tell Brandilyn we're thinking of her.

Pam Meyers said...

Thanks for the update, Mark! Brandilyn all of us on the ACFW OB are praying for you. I'm sure once you're home, it will be ever so much better.

As the others have said, I'm sure many storylines are germinating in that creative brain of yours!


Jason said...

Mark, it reminds me of when my wife was in labor with our first child. The nurse had to take a break and instructed me to have her keep pushing.

Me: "Honey, you need to push."
Wife: "I don't WANT to push."
Me (moving slowly back): "Oooo-kay"

Thanks for the updates! I'm curious to see BC's take on all this when she's back in the saddle, er, I mean the keyboard!

Blessings! We're praying for BOTH of you!

Patricia W. said...

So storytelling runs in the family! Happy to hear Brandilyn's recovery is well underway.

SolShine7 said...

Eileen, LOL on the inside scoop.

Mark, thanks for the update.

Susanne said...

Good to hear the recovery is going well. Praying for when you come home Brandilyn!

One More Writer said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on Brandilyn's progress--and entertained at the same time!

Lynette Eason said...

Hi Brandilyn, Just catching on the next exciting event in the life of BC...and her family.

So sorry to hear about your accident (are you SURE it was an accident??)

Those snowmobiles sure can be tricky...tip over at the drop of a hat (are you sure you didn't trip some kind of booby-trap?)

And getting you off the mountain so quickly, wow...that's incredible (bet the guy in those woods didn't expect your backup to be quite so on their toes.)

And your doctor friend who happened to be sweet! (Great, now he's got your house played right into his hands, didn't you?)

And now you're in the hospital recovering nicely with well-trained staff. (Watch out, those people have potassium and other drugs at their disposal - you're wise to refuse.)

And the roommate?? we need to go there??

I'll be praying for you...seriously...

All kidding aside, I do pray for your quick recovery. Your husband sounds like a blessing...a lot like long as I'M the patient...grin

Blessings and quick healing,

donna fleisher said...

"Brandilyn is the type of person who is blessed with a very strong personality."

Very well put, Mark. You do know her best.

(Although, after reading this line, my first reaction was to say, "No. Really??") ; )

Feel better soon, lady!!!