Monday, April 23, 2007

Books That Made A Difference

Recently fellow Sta Akra author and pal Creston Mapes received this letter from a reader. We can all rejoice over this one, folks.

Dear Creston,

My name is __________. I'm currently in a ____ (state) prison. I've read both of the Dark Star books, in order. My mom and step father sent the first one about two months ago. Then Full Tilt last week. I'm 26-years-old so both of the books caught my attention. I don't know if it was the ideas of the rock concert in Dark Star or the references to meth in Full Tilt, but God is what I'm after now. Since I read Dark Star I've been x'ed outof the Arian Circle, in other words, I'm no longer apart of it. I've also become less of a presence in the day room, where all the fighting and trouble seem to start from. I've got one year done on a five year sentence. I should be out on parole some time late in 2009. My 4-year-old daughter, _____, will be 7 by then. I'm writing all this to say "thank you." I love the books. My daughter would thank you too. I've given my life to God now. I'm slow but it's all taking affect. If you knew how I used to live, and what kind of person I was, you would know that angels are singing at the top of their lungs. I love the books. I'm patiently waiting for the next one. If ya'll have anything you could seen me that would tell me when the next one is coming to stores, I could in turn send it to my mom (she's a Christian too). Your book has helped me a great deal with my meth problem. I have the strength I need now. God bless you and yours.

I’ve read both Full Tilt and Dark Star, and I’m not surprised that these books helped a twenty-six-year-old man. Creston’s novels are suspense--with a lot of God woven in.

His next novel,
Nobody, releases in September.

Waytago, Creston. Thank You, God!


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Miss Reader said...

Wow, what an awesome letter to receive from a reader! I have read Full Tilt and it is a heart grabber and eye opener. Creston, may you continue to make a difference in many more lives through your books and God.

Nicole said...

I loved both books, too, and this is a letter to frame, isn't it? Praise the Lord for using His work in an author who chose to obey and write the stories God asked him to tell. Can't wait for Nobody.

Jannie Ernst said...

Great job, Creston, and praise Jesus! Brandilyn, I was also very happy to open the catalogue of our local Christian bookstore, Grapevine, and find Coral Moon in there.

Julie Carobini said...

Chills. I got chills! Thanks for posting this, Brandilyn. Stay on your knees, Creston, cuz God's answering those prayers, isn't he?

Air Force Family said...

Praise the Lord! What an awesome letter to receive from a reader who was convicted through a book! I never cease to be amazed at how God uses different avenues to move someone to his kingdom of saving grace. Thanx for posting this letter Brandilyn. Keep up the good work Creston. I'm intrigued and will be reading these books.


SolShine7 said...

Now that's awesome!!! That's what writing books is all about.

Creston Mapes said...

Hey everyone,
I'm often amazed how much time and energy Brandilyn puts into her web site, her blog, her fans, and her colleagues. She has helped me tremendously, as a relatively new author, to give me insight and guidance, and to promote my novels. I'm grateful, Brandilyn! Great hearing from each of you. As for the letter I received from the inmate, it's one of the most powerful I've ever received, and it is truly the reason I write. If you're interested, I posted a brief note about why I write "Christian fiction" on my blog, which you can access at Thanks again each of you, and Brandilyn! Peace, Creston Mapes

Vennessa said...

Great feedback. Congrates, Creston. You know how much I loved Dark Star. The book really impacted my prayer life.

Dee said...

Awesome! Now that's why we write. Thanks for posting this, Brandilyn.

Physical therapy was a challenge for me, so I am praying that it won't be for you.

Dineen A. Miller said...

Love this! Brought tears to my eyes. :-)