Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Time To Write

If you ever break an ankle and have surgery and the works, don’t ever let anybody tell you that you’ll have “more time to write.” More than one person has said this to me.


I’m on deadline, as you know. I need to be sitting at the computer all day. Not. Why? Last Friday I started physical therapy.

I have to go three days a week, between Monday and Friday. Each time the whole process—getting there, doing the therapy, getting back—takes about two hours. That’s a big chunk out of a work day. Plus they want me to do this hot/cold process on my ankle because it’s so very swollen. (No wonder it is—I’ve been sitting at the computer all day with it down.) I’m supposed to do ten minutes hot, then then minutes ice. Then exercises and massage. This process takes about 40 minutes with the set-up of getting the ice, heating the pad, etc., etc. I can’t type while I’m doing it, because I have to lie down with the foot up higher than my heart. The therapist told me she wanted me to do this five to six times a day.

I just laughed. “No way. That would take all day.”

So I’m doing it twice, morning and evening. In addition to the physical therapy trips. Plus, you have to put in the equation the fact that it’s hard getting around. Everything takes longer—from walking across the room to taking a shower. (I still have to sit down on the plastic chair in the shower, since I can’t put weight on my bare foot.)

Fortunately, my wonderful editor has moved my deadline back one more week. It’s now at May 16. It cannot be moved any more—neither for her sake, nor mine. We both have projects right behind it.

Yesterday my Forensics and Faith post was late. Around 11:00 my assistant called, scared I’d up and died. You all probably thought so too. Not. The night before when I’d just collapsed into bed, I remembered I hadn’t posted my blog. The thought of getting up, putting the boot back on, going down to the first floor, across the house, up the five stairs into my office—uh-uh. Way too much work. The post would just have to wait until the next morning. And then, of course, in the morning, I had to do the hot/cold, eat something, yada, yada. I didn’t get up to my office until late.

Meanwhile, I must say, the therapy is working. My foot is much less swollen, and doesn’t hurt so much. But when I get to the computer, I really have to make the time count to get in my allotted pages.

Despite all this, I can only thank God the accident wasn’t worse. To think that a snowmobiling accident could have left me with two broken legs, or paralyzed …

I’m so grateful for God’s care. And a helpful editor. And a wonderful husband. And all you BGs and your prayers. And so many other blessings, I could never count them all. God is faithful.

Uh—about those prayers. Please keep ’em coming for my deadline.

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Christina Berry said...

Cut yourself some slack. We do love your blogs, but we also love you--enough to say that if you need to take a break from us for a few days now and then to make this deadline, after all you've been through, then do it without guilt. We'll all be here waiting, right fellow BGs?

It just breaks my heart that you even thought of getting out of bed to post. Now go put your foot up!

relevantgirl said...

I am praying and will continue to pray. I'm so sorry. But I'm thankful you're seeing God's grace in the midst.

Kristy Dykes said...

I missed seeing your blog yesterday a.m. but figured it had something to do with your foot.

As far as more time to write, nah, I knew you'd be swamped with foot care. With parishioners with problems such as this, I've seen this a lot, where their time is consumed with medical care. I wish and pray for the best for you, B. Take care of that foot, as you're doing. This is a one-time thing, so keep sticking that medical care to it. Come June and July, you'll be glad you did. I admire your pluck in the face of adversity. You're an inspiration to all of us.

Tina said...

I am so glad it wasn't worse, Brandilyn. :)

Nick said...

I can predict that in some future Brandilyn Collins novel something very very bad will happen to a snowmobile. Just desserts.

Susanne said...

Have been and will keep praying for you, Brandilyn! I'm glad the therapy is helping with the pain.

Alison said...

I am so glad that you are feeling even a bit better! I will continue to pray for you B!

Oh, I just read Coral Moon last night......It was amazing! You have been blessed with such a gift! I think it is your best book yet! I was sooooo freaked out by the end though, that I had to sleep with my light on last night. (I was up reading until 2)

:) :)

Jannie Ernst said...

Brandilyn, why do I have a feeling that somewhere in the future a BC character is going to break an ankle? God never allows things in our lives for nothing. We can use everything He gives us. Thank you for your positive attitude - you are inspiring us all.

Rich said...

Two words for you Brandilyn: Wireless laptop.

Glad you're on the mend. Missed you at Mount Hermon.