Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Caption Winners

Man, choosing one winner for the photo captions was hard! I spent a long time trying to decide, and still couldn't come up with just one. (There were a lot of entries.) I used my own laugh-o-meter--which ones made me laugh out loud, and the longest. (Completely subjective, of course.) I really liked some of the pairs that cleverly tied the two pictures together and reflected things I've talked about on this blog.

Here are my three favorite pairs--in no particular order:

Don't move! There's a spider on the tip of your tongue.

Thess a waa on a ti uff m' tun -ga? -- Jenny

"THAT'S the size of the screw they put in your ankle?"

"And there's more to come in October! AAAHH!" --Jason

Guess what I bought you?

NO, not another snowmobile!!!!!!!! --Ed J. Horton

Here are two individual captions that really made me laugh because they fit the pictures so well. This first is for Photo 1:

Surgery in a hospital? You don't need no stinking hospital. I'll fix your foot right here, right now. Mwuhahaha!Hahahahaha! --Domino

And this one for Photo 2. Of all individual captions, I laughed the longest at this one.

Brandilyn, little known for her impressions, demonstrates the iguana. - M.C. Pearson

Winners--let me know if you want to take me up on a guest post.


The Encourager said...

Hi Brandilyn,

Sure, I'm game for a guest spot on your blog. I'll start sharpening my pencils and my wit!

Jason said...

I would be interested as well - but what a challenge! It's like pinch hitting for Babe Ruth. I'll get my thinking cap on.

Domino said...

Dear Brandilyn,

Thank you for choosing to include my caption among your favorites. I'm glad I made you laugh after your foot problems and deadline tension.

I will try to honor you with a post. That is, if you're still up for it. I'm game if you are.

Domino said...

Did that sound awkward to you?

I meant "try to honor" as in try to not dishonor. You know, with the tip of the head in a slight bow.


~ Brandilyn Collins said...

All right, folks. Ed has already sent me a post. Jason and Laura, send me something whenever you're ready. I'll let you know when it will post. Thanks!