Friday, June 08, 2007

Photo Friday

You supply the captions. Best one gets ... a guest post on this blog.

(Is that even worth winning?)




Christina Berry said...

Photo One: I just got a new nose hair trimmer. How'd it work?

Photo Two: I just won a guest blog on Forenics and Faith and have no idea what to write about!

Lynetta said...

Photo #1: Reading Web of Lies

Photo #2: The reviewer said WHAT?

Richard Mabry said...

1) THAT'S for dinner? Let's eat out.
2) See, Doc. Right there on the tip of my tongue. Are you sure that ulcer's from talking too much?

Domino said...

#1: Oh yeah, turn the camera the other direction. I see now.

#2: I've been wanting to update my blog profile photo. I think this pose will do nicely.

Domino said...

1# - Surgery in a hospital? You don't need no stinking hospital. I'll fix your foot right here, right now. Mwuhahaha!Hahahahaha!

2# - Right here? Right now? Hahaha-(cough, cough, wheeze)

Ed J. Horton said...

Photo #1 - Guess what I bought you?

Photo #2 - NO, not another snowmobile!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

#1: "Ohhh, I see."
(Thinking: "Oh my gosh, she can't be serious!)

#2: "Aaaahhhh."
"I said, 'Open wide'."
(She's thinking: "How much wider does he think I can get?! We're not talkin' Grand Canyon here!)

rose said...

# 1--"The eyes know all and see all!"

# 2-- "I have to go to the dentist again?!!!"

rose said...

I just had another idea--

Directions on how to make your bloggees DIE with laughter and fright at the same time:
1. Hold eyes open as wide as possible.
2. While continuing to do that, stick out tongue as far as possible.
3. While still doing both, read aloud the first page of Coral Moon!

Jason said...

#1 "THAT'S the size of the screw they put in your ankle?"

#2 "And there's more to come in October! AAAHH!"

Kay said...

Photo 1:
"Word count? hahahaha Word count. hahahaha word count word count word count"

Photo 2:
"My plastic surgeon? Why do you want to know?"

D. Gudger said...

#1 - ...and you thought I was dead!

#2 I am part vampire you know, zoom in... you can see my fangs... sort of, heh!

Chawna Schroeder said...

1) You rang?

2) Of course. I'm here for the Monster Mash.

Susanne said...

1) What do you mean I just became president of BHC?

2) Aaaaa, I just read the latest Kanner Lake instalment.

Tammy Bowers said...

#1 All the better to see you with, my dear.

#2 What makes you think I’ve had work done?

Ane Mulligan said...

Photo #1: Because I said so!

Photo #2: What??? No DeBrands???!!!

bev said...

Photo #2 --

Flies? You got flies for dinner... let me at em!!

C.J. Darlington said...

Photo #2: Brandilyn Collins on learning that after her last surgery her entire leg is now bionic. "You mean I can kick as many cabinets as I want?"

Jenny said...

Pic 1: Don't move! There's a spider on the tip of your tongue.

Pic 2: Thess a waa on a ti uff m' tun -ga?

M. C. Pearson said...

"Look into my mean, eyes. You are getting sleepier and sleepier."

Brandilyn, little known for her impressions, demonstrates the iguana.

Once Upon a Dream... said...

Photo #1: What Brandilyn sees as she looks up from the dentist chair.

Photo #2: Brandilyn caught in the dentist's light!.