Monday, August 06, 2007

Beauty Queen

Isn't this a snazzy pic of Mama Ruth? Just taken at our writers retreat. She's wearing my green bling glasses. Kinda pathetic when your 90-year-old mother looks better in 'em than you do.

Tune in tomorrow to hear another of Mama Ruth's true tales.

Or should I say--tails?

Tell me--what would you do if you caught a cobra by its back end?


april penny said...

That is a snazzy picture. I wish I looked that good.

I'm fairly confident I would never, EVER, catch a cobra by any end, since I would run away screaming should one come into my vicinity. I won't even touch a picture of a snake unless I absolutely have to (to turn a page or something like that)... and even then I cringe and only touch as little of it as possible. How's that for an irrational fear? :-)

rose mccauley said...

Lovely picture of Mama Ruth. I think you have her pretty smile, Brandilyn. I'll look forward to her story tomorrow.

Susanne said...

Your mom is 90???? My word, she looks fantastic!