Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hi, all from California once again. I've been in Idaho for the past ten days. Went back up there soon after taking the daughter to college. My goodness. Since June, I've been in California all of seven days or so, scattered here and there.

We had the perfect ending to our time in Idaho. Mark and I went for a boat ride Saturday night, going over to a quiet bay to barbeque steaks on the portable grill on the boat. As we came back the sun had set and the moon was rising. One with a very captivating color. You guessed it--a slivered Coral Moon.

Now in California, I'm not here for long. Tomorrow I fly out early for the ACFW conference in Dallas. Be back Monday. I'll try to post some from there. Jim Bell will be keynote speaker this year, and you never can be quite sure how he'll behave.

Actually, I can be sure. Which is exactly the problem.

Heard this on an email loop yesterday. A senator is suing God. I'd love to be on the jury for this one.

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Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

LOL...have a great time at ACFW...but you'd better duck...LOL...Jim Bill might hunt you down for spelling his name wrong in the post...I think it should be "Bell", as in, "He's going to ring your bell for spelling his name wrong!"