Monday, October 08, 2007

ACFW Member on Extreme Makeover

An ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) family has been given a new home this week thanks to Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Mother Kim Woodhouse, a romance writer, is the ACFW member. The Woodhouses in Colorado Springs have a special needs daughter, Kayla, age 10, who has a rare disease involving her body's temperature regulation, making it necessary for her to be in areas not exceeding 62 degrees at all times.

Yesterday the Woodhouses came home to "move that bus!" and see their new home. The show will air in January.

a local news story about the project, dated Oct. 7. And another, dated, Oct. 5.

Link to news videos, including the final "move that bus" day. (Scroll down a bit.)

Thank You, Lord, for answering our prayers for this family!


Bonnie Calhoun said...

That is fabulous. God is good. he always provides for his children.

LaShaunda said...

My family are huge fans of this show. I told them about this family and now we can't wait to see the show. Its almost like someone we know.

God is good!

coloradodove said...

My husband was the lead journeyman plumber on the Extreme Home MakeOver and I too, volunteered. I hope one day our families can meet so that we can share with you all the candid photos that went into the builing and of the unselfish volonteers who gave their blood,sweat and tears during this project. My family was there when the "bus" was moved and we wiped away our tears with our cut,swollen,sore hands. May GOD continue to bless your family and may Kayla grow stronger and be blessed more and more each day. We the Dove family, thank you, Woodhouse Family, for allowing us to be apart of God's gifts to his children. Please email us to receive a Cd of photos that we as a volunteering community have gathered to share with your family. With sincere love, Shannon, Scott, Megan and Scotty Dove I will provide you with our phone # once we hear from you ...after the dust settles of course! Take great care in yourselves and can't wait to meet your family in a more personal setting soon.