Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bella--The Movie

Here's a behind the scenes look in World Magazine at Bella, a faith-based movie with a pro-life view, that opened in 30 U.S. cities last weekend.

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This week's CFBA blour:
The Return, by Austin Boyd

Austin's a great guy and an incredibly hard worker. He applied that work ethic to learning fiction--and watch out. Austin don't mess around.

Austin Boyd writes from his experience as a decorated Navy pilot, spacecraft engineer and an astronaut candidate finalist. Austin lives with his wife Cindy and four children in America’s “Rocket City”--Huntsville, Alabama, where he directs business development for a large NASA and defense contractor. His creative talents include inspirational fiction and poetry, finely crafted reproduction colonial furniture, archery and long distance cycling. He serves his community as an advocate for a crisis pregnancy center and as a motivational speaker in the area of lifestyle evangelism.

The Return is part of the Mars Hill Classified Series with The Evidence and The Proof

About the Book:


Six years after completing a manned mission to the Red Planet, Admiral John Wells is set to make another journey to Mars. But this time his crew is not alone, as John's team encounters a secret colony comprised of individuals pursuing John Raines' strange religion, the "Father Race."

While John begins to uncover a web of lies on Mars, his wife and daughter are struggling for survival on earth. Now John must survive his dangerous mission and find a way back home, even as a shocking plan begins to unfold millions of miles away on earth.

Austin Boyd is back with his third thrilling novel in the Mars Hill Classified series, full of high-tech intrigue, memorable characters, and adventure that transports readers to another world.
From the Back Cover:

With nothing left for him on Earth, Rear Admiral John Wells didn't hesitate to lead a third NASA team to Mars, but he never dreamed that one day they'd look out their laboratory module into the lights of a slow-moving vehicle not their own. In the third installment of the Mars Hill Classified series, life on Mars becomes increasingly more unpredictable as the past collides with the future and nothing, not even the dead, is as it seems.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the fate of hundreds, including John Wells' family--presumed dead these last six years--rests precariously in the hands of Malcolm Raines, self-proclaimed Guardian of the Mother Seed and Principal Cleric of Saint Michael's Remnant, and his insidious plans for the Father Race.

Wells will find himself in a race against time and all odds to expose the truth: about Mars, about Malcolm Raines, and, if he's very brave, about himself.


Nicole said...

I am just not a sci-fi fan at all, but this is such a good trilogy. I picked up the first book because of Austin's credentials. I wasn't disappointed in these books at all. It's an ambitious plot with a lot of twists, a few gut-wrenching shocks, and an almost perfect resolution.

So if you don't like sci-fi, don't let that be a deterrent for this trilogy. It's worth the time and money.

Rose McCauley said...

Hey, Brandilyn--glad to see that you have been checking out World Magazine and encouraging your readers to subscribe. It's a great way to keep up with what's current in world news and the arts all from a Christian worldview. We might not agree with every article, but it will challenge our thinking! thanks, rose

SolShine7 said...

I can't wait to see Bella. I first heard about this movie in Latina magazine and so's good to hear about Educardo (the man actor) and his Christian beliefs and how he wants to make more uplifting films.