Monday, October 22, 2007

Here's my audio interview with Dianne Burnett of

We talk about Crimson Eve and my writing suspense in general. I give the inside scoop about a certain plot point in Crimson Eve. And toward the end Dianne asks me: "What's your greatest accomplishment?" Ever had someone ask you that? Quite the question.

This interview was conducted at the ACFW conference. I had this on my schedule and rushed in straight from another appointment, really having little idea what it was going to be all about. Hadn't prepared for it in any way. I certainly didn't know it would go on for 45 minutes, nor did I know it was going to be an audio interview. Boy, did I have to whip my mind into shape in a hurry. It turned out to be a great time. Relaxed, just us talking. Dianne's a good interviewer--poses the question and lets ya go.

If you're not familiar with you're missing a great resource for books. Do you know the authors have their own pages? Check out mine here. You'll see my bio, all of my books (for very good prices), and the link to my audio interview. Or if you want to browse for novels by genre--easy. Go to the fiction home page and click on the genre link you want. I'll bet that you find all sorts of books and authors you didn't know existed.


C.J. Darlington said...

I really enjoyed listening to your interview, Brandilyn. And the other author interviews, too. Wonderful to have on in the background while you're working.

Once Upon a Dream... said...

Hope all is well with you. Let us know how you are.