Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Bits of Information

1. Here's a new idea among novelists. Some of the biggest names in thriller writers have gotten together to create an audiobook "serial thriller," each writing a chapter. This project, The Chopin Manuscript, is sponsored by International Thriller Writers.

2. Traveling? Planning an outdoor picnic in your town? One of my favorite sites is Type in any zip code and see the weather for up to the next ten days.

3. Here's another very helpful site for authors. I just signed up and encourage you to do the same. allows authors to enter information about their latest books and upcoming appearances. Readers can log onto the site and/or receive emails to hear about who's coming to their area. The author who refers the most people on any given day is rewarded with a feature on the home page for a day. So do me a favor--if you want to sign up, please use this link, which will give me credit for the referral: Sign-up only takes a minute (click the link at the top right of the page).

4. Have you visited the Suspense Zone? Quite a great site for checking out the latest in Christian suspense. The site has just posted reviews of Crimson Eve and an interview with me including a behind-the-scenes peek at writing the book.

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