Friday, October 19, 2007

Shout Out to Computer Techies

Okay, all you computer folks--help me out, will ya. I have Adobe Photoshop, see. It's great for pictures and is my default way to open up photos. That's all well and good. But somehow it's also gotten to be my default for opening up pdf files. I don't want that. Reading a pdf file in Photoshop can be a total pain.

So--how do I change the pdf default in my computer to Adobe Reader while keeping the photo opening default with Photoshop?

And while I'm at it, you computer folks have any other handy dandy morsel tips to send my way? Chances are I or some other BG don't know about them.


Tracy Ruckman said...

Right click on the pdf document - the menu that pops up SHOULD ask for "open with" and give you options, including "choose default program."

That's with Office 2007, so it may be different with the 2003 version - not sure which you have.

And yes, here's another tip for you - if you have switched to Vista, Photoshop has a patch to make it work with Vista (they didn't play well together at first), so visit the Photoshop website for the most recent update.

Hope this helps you! Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

This isn't a handy dandy tip, but it's a fun joke on a friend. Someone recently taught me that on some computers (not all), if you hit Control, Alt, Down Arrow, your computer will turn your screen image upside down. Then hit Control, Alt, Up Arrow to fix it. (you can also use either side arrow to turn the image sideways.) It's a fun joke to play if your friend doesn't know how to fix it. :)

William G. said...

And here I thought you were a Mac user. My world has become just a little bit darker now...

In XP you just right click a pdf file and go to the menu option for open with (the one with an arrow next to it). Then go to choose program, and in the pop-up box that comes up, select Adobe Reader and check the box that says "Always use selected file to open this type of file".

Not sure how that translates to Vista.

For the Mac fans out there, there's always this:

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Thanks to all of you! My problem as been fixed. Yay!

William G--so sorry about that darkened world ...