Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Book Expo 2009

This news just in about Book Expo 2009, an exciting new idea from ECPA to link authors and readers:

The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) announces that the early “Premier” registration has gone exceedingly well for its Christian Book Expo in Dallas, Texas, March 20-22, 2009. ECPA says that 23 companies have reserved—and paid for—57% more space than ECPA expected and budgeted for. Significantly, these reservations have happened 18 months in advance of this first-time event.

Kuyper believes the early success is due to ECPA members taking ownership of this event – from signing up for exhibit space to marketing and promoting to local attendees.

The Christian Book Expo, a new consumer-oriented book event announced early in 2007, will bring together publishers, authors and consumers. “We are astounded at the advance exhibitor response,” says ECPA President Mark Kuyper. “We anticipated strong support, but the level of enthusiasm and commitment we’re experiencing—especially this far in advance—far exceeds our expectations.”

The Premier registration ended on October 22, 2007. The next deadline for discounted registration is March 20, 2008.

ECPA has secured more than 389,000 square feet (100,000 is designated for exhibit floor space) for the Christian Book Expo at the Dallas Convention Center. Adds ECPA’s Kuyper, “If the trend continues we will have to go back and book more space. We urge exhibitors to confirm booth space early so they don’t miss out.”

ECPA created the Christian Book Expo to directly connect with their core market—anybody making or influencing book buying decisions. As a result, publishers, ministries, authors and booksellers are invited to exhibit at this open-to-the-public event. Activities at the three-day Expo will include workshops, seminars, mini-events and evening programming—all lead by authors.

For more on the event, go to
www.ChristianBookExpo.com. Launched in September, the website serves as the “go to” source for consumers, authors, librarians, religious leaders, pastors, counselors, book retailers, international rights, media and exhibitors.

Visit this
page on the Expo website for more information about authors' involvement at Book Expo.

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Unknown said...

I think this event looks like a lot of fun. And it's exciting to see the industry getting behind it.