Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Having turkey at Thanksgiving? Hey, we have those every day in Idaho--in our yard.

Happy Thanksgiving, BGs!


Michelle Pendergrass said...

Looks like our yard here in Indiana! We've got a flock of around 20 who love to hang around.

I can't get pictures, every time I try, my dog barks because I'm looking out and they run off.

Jen's Journey said...

We may not have plenty of turkey here in South Central WA, but quail are good for Thanksgiving, too. ;) However, we are having a turkey dinner...early since the hubby works nights and sleeps days.

JUST finished Crimson Eve about half an hour ago...Feel it was worth the two days vacation time I spent lost in it.

God Bless you on this glorious holiday. May your table be filled with all the blessings He has provided.


Domino said...

While sightseeing in Tulsa years ago, I was walking from the door of the museum back to our van when it started raining on us. So I picked up speed, trying to get out of the rain. However, I ran a lot faster when I realized wild turkeys had run up from behind us and were chasing us.

Man, those turkeys are fast!

Kim said...

We have lots of wild turkey here in Alabama too! My family and I live in a very rural area, and I stopped the car and counted a flock of 22 of these birds on my way to work last week! They are HUGE!!! Neat to watch aren't they?? Thanks for sharing!

south central Alabama