Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Here I am again at countdown. Twelve days until deadline. And five of those days (this Wednesday through Sunday) I'm visiting my mom in Kentucky.


I've edited everything I've written. Now just on to finish the thing. I'd edited the first 200 pages before. Was sure it read fine. Well, it did--then. But it's the most amazing thing to see the veil fall off my eyes. Happens every time regarding all the extra words I load in. Usually I don't see them until the rewrite. This time in editing the 270 pages I'd written so far, I lost a lot of pages. Man, I was wondering if I'd have a book left. Now everything looks trim--until I see it next time, I guess. I did near have a heart attack seeing all those pages go bye-bye. But for heaven's sake, the thing read terribly.

Why can't I just write it right the first time?

December 15 is not an ideal time for a deadline. I'd prefer the first. Actually it was initially set for the December first, but last spring I was looking at my fall schedule and thinking, "Nope, no way." So I asked for two extra weeks--and I've certainly needed them.

If my blogging's meager these days--now you know the reason.

Christmas? Shopping? Who has time for that?

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