Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Exciting Heads Up for Tomorrow

BGs, I am very happy to tell you I've received permission to blog about a wonderful book I've found. The permission part is for allowing me to quote extensively from one of its chapters over the course of five or so posts.

This is a book every novelist should own.

I promise you authors--or artists of any kind--the insights of this book will resonate with you and amaze you. It'll have you saying, "Yes, yes, that's me!" It'll teach you about yourself.

This is a small self-published book that has gone through at least 17 printings (as of the copy I own). It's a book that covers all forms of art. It was given to me by a painter who, when he learned I'm a novelist, said, "You must have this book. You'll love it."

He was right. I do. I learned about myself, my fears in writing, and about the process of creating through this book.

Come back tomorrow--and the discussion will begin.


Richard Mabry said...

You do know how to do a tease, don't you?

Cara Putman said...

Oh, sounds great! I'd say that's an effective hook. :-)