Thursday, April 03, 2008

BHCC--This One's for You

I'm in the middle of having my website overhauled. Which means I'm in the middle of driving my poor webmaster crazy. I've pretty much grown out of my current site. Not much room in the graphics to add more books--and next year alone I'll be releasing five (all three young adult suspenses in the Rayne Tour series and two adult novels). At any rate, as long as my webmaster was immersed in the update, I thought--aha, the time has come!

Big Honkin' Chickens Club members--I'm going to have a page just for you. (For those of you who've been living on another planet, BHCC members are those who are too chicken to read suspense novels. Which means they refuse to read my stuff.)

Here's the thing about BHCC folks. Actually a couple of things. One, many tend to be my friends. (See how gracious I am, even when they turn up their noses at my novels.) Second, every BHCC member out there has friends and family members who do read suspense. The marketing method to my madness is to reach those people--through the BHCCers. And at the same time provide some gleeful comraderie to the club members themselves.

In so doing--I've created a BHCC graphic. It's fun. It's cute. It's eye-catching. And it totally represents the name of the club.

The BHCC page on my web site is still under construction. It will include a guest book for comments and various ways to win BHCC products.

Products? you ask. Oh, yes. There will be products. With said logo. Methinks they shall become so chic that everyone will want one of them, whether a BHCC member or not. If you're an avid suspense reader, surely you must know someone who has nightmares over the stuff.

Wanna "Sneak Pique" at the BHCC logo?

Tomorrow--the unveiling ...


Unknown said...

So how about products for "non-BHCCers"? Like the logo for the BHCC in a circle with the line through it. *G* Love your idea. Anxiously awaiting the unveiling.

Deborah Raney said...

FINALLY, something produced by Seatbelt Suspense that I can actually READ! ; )

Seriously though, I am so excited! And as president of the BHCC I give my full and enthusiastic endorsement of this new development.


Robin Lee Hatcher said...

Cool beans! Cannot wait to see it.

As VP of the BHCC, I would like to state that many members buy a BC novel even if they can't read it. We like to support great writers and have books to share with our more adventurous friends.

FYI, I mentioned you, Brandilyn, on my blog about ten days ago. Check it out if you missed it.
You might even be proud of me.


Linda Harris said...

Well, I won't be able to be part of the club, because I love to read mysteries and suspense novels. By the way, how would you define the difference between the two genres? Why are yours suspense and not mysteries? Thanks!

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Linda, a mystery is foremost a puzzle to be solved. Who's doing the crime and why? In a mystery the protagonist isn't necessarily in danger herself; she's simply following the clues to solve the puzzle. A suspense is a story in which the protagonist or someone very close to her faces danger, often with a life at stake. A suspense may contain a mystery--as in who's the bad guy? But not necessarily. For instance, in Amber Morn, you know exactly who the bad guys are.

The endings are also different. A satisfying ending to a mystery is the solving of the puzzle. A suspense must pit the protagonist head-to-head against the antagonist, with high stakes--often life and death. Only one can win.

Mocha with Linda said...

Oh, I love this!! I'm getting better. I've always loved mysteries - grew up practically memorizing Nancy Drew - but am a chicken when it comes to realistic stuff.

It all goes back to trauma as a child when our house was burglarized twice in one year when I was 7. Completely freaked me out.

But I've been enjoying some of the Steeple Hill Suspense books, and these blogs and reading authors are making me more interested.

I actually picked up one of your books the other day. There may be hope.

But 'til then, I can't wait for the BHCC!

And you are in my sidebar!!

Unknown said...

Alas, I cannot claim membership in the BHCC! As such, I request to be on the list for your new young adult series and the stand alones that you're planning on writing (or currently scribing).

I'm no chicken...I LOVE to be thrilled to the edge and back:-) But I'm glad there's now a place for so many of my friends and readers to lay claim to, bless their little chicken hearts:-)

Linda Harris said...


Thanks for the explanation. We lost our internet connection on Friday and I haven't been able to get back to read your comment until today. I like what you said about a suspense novel sometimes containing a mystery. My kind of book!