Friday, June 20, 2008

Cicadas and Reunions

I'm at our annual family reunion in Kentucky. Got here late last night. The minute I got out of the car at Mom's house--whoa, the cicadas! This is a 17-year brood, now emerging after being in the ground since 1991. The ringing sound they make is quite something. Very loud. They only last about a month, and then they all die off. But not before laying millions of eggs on tree limbs. These eggs hatch, and the tiny nymphs fall to the ground, then burrow underground. They'll feed on tree sap.

They're flying around like crazy now, although they won't be lasting much longer. They're clumsy flyers and are likely to crash into you. They don't bite or sting, however. Certain sounds attract them, like lawnmowers. You might be covered in the critters if you want to cut your grass.

Here at the reunion, I'm rooming with my sister Sandy at Mom's house. (There are two other sisters around also.) Recently Sandy gave me a card that read on the cover, "Insanity is hereditary." On the inside it said, "We're so screwed."

I laughed and laughed at the card because, well, knowing the generation above us ... yeah. But here's the kicker. My sister told her teenage daughter about finding that card in a drawer at their house and giving it to me. Her daughter said, "Mom, I bought that card to give to Christine (her sister)."


Valerie said...

Cicadas mean Summer to me. Growing up in Dallas, TX their noise meant the end of school and long summer days playing in my neighborhood. It's amazing what brings up great memories.

That card is awesome! It reminds me of a card my sister sent my husband saying: You're only young once, but you can be immature Indefinatly.

Enjoy te rest of your reunion :)

Karen Eve said...

I don't know if our cicadas are late this year or what, but you just reminded me that I haven't heard or seen them. The fire flies are great though. (Nashville area) Have a wonderful and say hi to Mama Ruth.
Karen Wevick

BTW - Mama Ruth and my pastor's family go back a way in the Methodist church.

Inspire said...

Friday night, I woke up around 1 am and stood at the open window. Not a sound. Not even a cricket. It really bothers me. I don't understand where the night sounds have gone. There are no cicadas this year either. I miss them.

Pam Halter said...

I just got back from the Nashville area after an incredible writer's retreat weekend with my mentor and a few of my writer's group members. We enjoyed the fireflies, too.