Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wacky Weather

What is going on with the weather? I'm in Coeur d'Alene right now. It's unseasonably cold--the high yesterday was only 52 degrees. Skies were totally overcast, then rain set in. Then ... it poured. (Blue on the map=winter storms.) I mean, I thought Noah's Ark was gonna float by. The world past our back deck totally disappeared. After about 10 minutes of that--boom. Sun. No rain. Weird.

Meanwhile in the east and across the lower western states--big, bad heat. (Bright pink and orange.) Like let the kids out of school early before they die in the classroom heat. As for the midwest? Houses are washing away in floods. (Green.)

Fortunately for this part of the world, the sun comes out on Thursday, with temperatures going into the 70s. Just in time for the famous Car d'Alene on Saturday.

How about the rest of you? Y'all surviving out there?


Ed J. Horton said...

The weather certainly is wacky! We are RV'ing across the country and have seen plenty of rain, with some nights filled with thunder and lightening storms that shook the heavens and rattled our RV pretty good, too. Currently, it's raining over the Ohio KOA campground we're preparing to leave as we continue driving into Pennsylvania's heat and humidity. And soaring gas prices...don't get me started on that rant!

Far from being a BHC, I need to re-channel my adrenaline by reading a good suspense/thriller.

Pam Halter said...

I'm in the middle of the heat wave. All I can say is, thank the Lord for an air conditioner that works!

Kimberli said...

We're in the heat wave as well. A hundred degrees, plus if you count the heat index. And this in eastern North Carolina.

Fortunately, I lived in drought-stricken, heat-blistered Texas for nearly twenty years, so I'm accustomed to hiding indoors and praying for rain.

Lynette Eason said...

Spartanburg, SC. Sweltering, blistering heat. Thank God I'm saved and going to heaven. If this heat doesn't send some souls signing up for salvation, I don't know what'll convince 'em down ain't the direction they wanna go when they croak.

I'm hibernating in my blessedly cool air-conditioned house--or the nearby freezing cold library (nope, not complaining and I have on a SWEATER!) while my daughter is at horseback riding camp (Hey, I tried to talk some sense into her, but she insisted on going).

And here's something crazy. I even bought a window unit for my house just in case something happened to my central air! HA!

Last night we had thunderstorms, lightening, etc. I LOVED it. This morning we're back to gasping for air if we step outside.

Stay dry, stay cool, stay afloat.


Georgiana said...

It's been crazy here too! One weekened in May we went swimming outside (mid-80's) and the next week it snowed 6 inches. Crazy stuff.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Wow, all that heat. Amazing, so early in the season.

Ed, keep safe in that RV. Georginana, you've got the wackiest weather story of all.

Gracie said...

You are sooooo blessed to have cool weather! Here in California, it's simmering heat and getting hotter. Fortunately tommorrow we'll have a break (mid 80s temperatures) but afterward the thermometer will start climbing again.

At least winter was colder and longer this past year.

Chawna Schroeder said...

Global warming--what's that?

Like Idaho, it's unseasonably cold here in the upper Midwest. We've seen 80+ only three times this year, and are 5-10 degrees under our average (mid-70's) most days.

It's rained most days too. The crops have barely poked their head out of the soil. So much for corn knee-high by the fourth of July this year, unless something drastically changes.

The weirdest thing has been all the flooding in WI, but the lake at the Dells has gone completely dry. I feel sorry for all the tourist businesses that depended on that lake.

Nicole said...

Coldest Spring over here on the western side of Washington state since 1932. Strange furious windstorm last night here. Snowed on Snoqualmie Pass on the 9th of June--I believe they gave the last time they think that happened was in 1894! Good grief. I'm freezin' over here.

Susanne said...

It's been raining for weeks here. I'm so tired of it. Today it deluged on and off all day and we've had 3 bursts of hail today. Oh and we were under a tornado watch for a couple of hours this afternoon. A tornado watch of all things.

Pammer said...

Now see Brandilyn, you were watching for Noah's ark. You should have been watching for the houses from the midwest. :)

From the middle of the US, rain, shine, rain, shine, some hail mixed in for good measure. I don't mean a little rain either, I mean torrential. Floods my front porch and makes me want to pull the motorcycle in the living room. Hey, it's the most gas efficient vehicle we have.
And the wind. I need lead boots. I had trouble keeping my poor van (high profile, I know) on the road on my way to work this morning.

Hope it straightens out soon. Or maybe it means that Jesus is coming soon. :)