Thursday, June 05, 2008

What's New in Christian Suspense

Publishers Weekly has a new informative article on the genre of Christian suspense. Check it out regarding changes in the genre and also to see what new suspense titles to look for.

We've come a long way in the past eight years.

The article ends with a quote from Anne Horch, editor at FaithWords. I agree with her thoughts. Her closing lines: "Suspense is actually a genre that can put the Gospel out there really blatantly. What other genre deals with good and evil in a very obvious way? This is an opportunity to let God shine.”


Inspire said...

I'm happy for all the Christian suspense writers that have struggled to have their genre recognized. Put suspense in any genre - historicals - romance - sci/fi, and you have a better read in my opinion.

Stuart said...

Hehe, Fantasy tends to deal with good and evil in a very obvious way.. but that is a very good point. :)

Awesome to see suspense broadening and taking the Light into the darkness.