Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Book Sale!

Okay BHCC members, you no longer have an excuse not to read a Brandilyn Collins novel. Did you know is offering great prices on my Bradleyville series (women's fiction, not suspense). You can buy all three books for only $17.99. That's an amazing price.

You can also buy the whole Hidden Faces series (four books) for $37.99 and the Kanner Lake four-book series for $36.99.

Individual books in these series are also available at low prices, starting at $4.99.
My books won't be the only ones on sale. Check out for other author's backlists to see what savings you might find.

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The Khaje Khronicles said...

Hi Brandilyn! How's it going? Oh, I do hope lots of people buy your books. We're still here in CA. Steve is graduating Aug. 6 and we'll be outta here by around the 14th. I'd still like to get together if we can. I don't remember where we left off last time. Hope all is well.