Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Christian Fiction Online Magazine

Are you all taking the time to read Christian Fiction Online Magazine, brought to you by CFBA? (See cover link at left.) You should. CFOM is a wonderful mix of information about the writing business as well as humor and personal interest stories. When I was first asked to write a column for the magazine, frankly I thought, "Oh, my goodness. I need more deadlines like a need a hole in the head." But I'm so glad to be a part of this magazine. Editor Michelle Sutton is doing a great job.

In my Making a Scene column this month is
Part Two of "Story Resolution"--how to sew up all those tricky loose ends in a novel (and in my novels there are a lot.) You can find Part One in the archives. Another column I urge you to read this month is Dave Meig's Life-Transforming Fiction. Dave tells the story of how he used my novel Violet Dawn to help a troubled teenager. Oh, that story touched my heart. I had not known about this before. Jim Bell chimes in this month with "Why I Write Suspense." Shawneda Marks looks at "Multicultural Fiction." Under the "Brilliant" section Mary deMuth, Susan Meissner, Susie May Warren and Marlo Schalesky all have written articles on craft. Randy Ingermanson writes "Randy Rooney," a regular column that tells it like it is.

I could go on and on. The magazine is packed full of interesting information, opinions and a short story or two. Christian Fiction Online Magazine releases at the beginning of each month. You can always find its latest cover and hyperlink on the sidebar of this blog.


Pam Halter said...

I read CFOM and enjoy it very much!

Anonymous said...

CFOM is a great magazine. Props to editor Michelle Sutton and all those who contribute!

Michelle Sutton said...

Thanks for the mention, Brandilyn. You are a fabulous columnist, too, and we're proud to have you with us.