Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kanner Lake In Africa

I received this thank-you letter after sending some books to fans of mine across the ocean. They already had books one and two of the Kanner Lake series, but wanted the final two. Aren't these girls beautiful?!

Dear Brandilyn,

The books you sent to my students have arrived along with the bookmarks! Thank you so much. What a joyful day that was! They were so excited to see two brand new books that now belong to them, and to look inside and see that you had signed them was such an amazing thing to them. They immediately wanted their picture taken with the books.

Several of the girls are already through the 3rd book and waiting their turn to read the 4th. What a blessing it was for you to send them. The boys of the group (3 of them who were too shy for their picture) each took a bookmark and said their thanks.

I want to thank you for using the gifts and talents the Lord blessed you with to write Christian books that we all can enjoy. These children here consider gifts like this such an absolute blessing and will cherish them. Blessings to you as you continue serving the Lord and thanks again for sharing part of yourself with my sweet African students. You have no idea how happy you made them.


Libbie Seaton
Rafiki Village Ghana

Libbie--no more happy than they made me, seeing that wonderful picture.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! What a great lettter to read.

God bless!!

Kristina said...

Wonderful!! That is really quite exciting. You must be beaming!


Nicole said...

So cool.

Ane Mulligan said...

Isn't that why we do it? Touching lives - nothing could be better. :)

Barbara Scott said...

What a gift to know that your talent is touching hearts and minds around the world! May God continue to open more doors like this.

Lynette Sowell said...

Now that's awesome! :)