Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Cubicle Christmas Story

In response to the Christmas posts from last week, another Forensics and Faith reader wrote me with this one. I'm running the letter with permission, without the name of the school.

Your post from yesterday made me think of an incident my daughter told me this past week. She lives in ____ and works at ______ University in a new department position. I think she's been in this office for a little over a month. Anyway, her manager told everyone they wouldn't be able to decorate for Christmas this year, and then soon after her supervisor called a meeting for her group and asked each of them to play a song they liked in an effort to get to know everyone better. She'd taken some Christian music to play in case there were others who did the same, but also took a Journey cd. When it came her time, she played Journey and later felt so ashamed that she'd forsaken Christ for fear of possibly losing her job or being targeted by management. So ashamed, that when she returned to her cubicle, she broke down in tears. She felt so alone.

Now here is the really cool part . . . her supervisor called her to his office. She'd been in her cubicle so didn't think anyone would have seen her crying. But when she went to his office, he immediately asked her if something was wrong or if she needed to call someone. She said no, and he said, "Does it have anything to do with this?" He then began playing a Christian song on his computer. She nodded and he then told her "Welcome to the club."

Turns out he studied at the Lutheran seminary (same denomination as us) and that there were a handful of Christians in her office that banded together for things. Only God could have pointed her out. They talked for quite a while, and because of their visit, he went to management and was able to get them to lift their rule so that people could decorate "within their cubicle." She was so relieved to know there were other believers that she could talk to who understood the pressure and turmoil she felt.

It's sad that this is what things have come to in the United States, and I fear/know it will only get worse in the coming days. I have been enjoying your posts this week and wanted to thank you for speaking out on some of these issues. Brandilyn, you do not know the impact you've had on my life, just the little I've been around you. I first visited with you at the KC conference, and you exuded such peace and dignity, I said to myself . . . "I want to be like her." I know that this is God speaking through you, and I can only pray that I'm able to give a portion of what you've given to others.


Do you have a Christmas story to share? Please email me (you can do that through my web site). As long as I keep receiving Christmas stories, I'll keep running them. 'Tis the season, after all.


Grady Houger said...

I don't have any Christmas stories to share, but I was blessed to read this one. It made me think, what can I do to create a Christmas story for someone?

Anonymous said...

Amen. Thanks for sharing this story!

Terra said...

I love this story, as I work in a university setting too. How lovely that the daughter cried about "denying Jesus" and then found other Christians and the Christmas decorating rule was changed.
I bought a 4 inch tall beautiful Greek style icon of Jesus and placed it at my desk at work. I decided that if anyone objected I would NOT remove it, and no one has objected.
Where I work we have a "holiday" party, not a "Christmas" party but many of us call it what it really is.
TWV member, Terra

D. Gudger said...

In my effort to spend more time with Jesus I have to teach my toddler to respect my devo time. Today I figured, hey, I'm at the table w/ my bible and study book. Why not have him at the table coloring pictures of the nativity and Christmas?

Off to the internet I go. Oh. My. Word. Okay, one free coloring site had a list of holidays. When you refuse to use the word "Christmas", what do you call it?

A holiday named holiday? They refused to list it period. Along with Valentine's Day, they had Santa Clause, Reindeer, Holiday Tree...

Another site had "Secular Holiday" and "Christian Christmas" - taking away the national of our national holy-day celebration!

If people hate Christmas so much, why do they indulge in all the hoopla? We'd be celebrating NOTHING if it weren't for Jesus.

I hope Santa puts coal in their holiday stockings!