Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Update on Katy & Liz

To help Liz & Katy: Please send a check to:

Elizabeth Hughes
PO Box 111525
Campbell, CA 95011

or send Paypal funds to:

[Update 1/2: I was able to open a Paypal account in Liz's name, so I have deleted my account from this post. Check the post for Jan. 2 to see the Paypal account to now use.]

I am making sure Katy & Liz receive all Paypal funds quickly.

For background on this story, please read the past couple posts here, then visit Katy's blog. Liz Hughes has been a reader of my suspense novels for about four years now. When I heard she and her talented artist daughter, Katy (16) had become homeless, I knew I had to help. I jumped on Twitter and Facebook, and posted about their plight here--and the story began to spread.
I've just returned from seeing Katy & Liz. I got them into a motel room for a couple nights and took them all the Paypal donations to date--$971.

We watched the two local news shows--ABC & NBC--together. We are praying this media will spark more help for Katy & Liz. They need housing, and Liz needs a job. She desperately wants to be working again and to provide stability for Katy.

Liz and I

With Katy

Katy and Liz watching one of the news shows.

Watch the ABC news show on KGO.

More information on KGO's web site.

I will post NBC links when I get them.

Please consider helping Katy & Liz! You can make a difference.


Anonymous said...

It's comforting to me that you were right there with them. Wish I could be as well but I am grateful for your presence. You angel! Julie Bonn Heath

Danica Favorite said...

Thank you so much for sharing their story. It's so wonderful to see God's people coming together as a church so organically.

Eileen Key said...

Girl! What a blessing you are.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Thank you, Brandilyn for helping these people. James and I have worked with the homeless in Ft. Worth for years. It blesses me to see this happen for these two women.

Anonymous said...

Brandilyn, just think of all that's transpired in 24 hours. Praise the Lord that one person can touch so many lives, and that you responded when prompted to do so. May 2009 bring blessings and joy to Liz, Katy, and you!

Unknown said...

This is great news. It is very hard to stay afloat here in California. My kids are on SSI and the Gov is always trying to take away from disabled. I am a home health care worker. Good luck to them both and I hope the illustration gig for the book pans out.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it make more sense if all of the funds went in to a bank account in care of the family? Usually donations these type of donations go through a bank.

Lyn said...

Sent a little something... hoping it will help. Please give them a hug for me! I hate to see anyone suffer.

Nancy J. Rich said...

Wow! I am hoping this can become a blessing I can do for someone once I become a published author. This is too cool! Would love to possibly hire Katy for a children's book illustrator. I think this child could go far. She is refreshing for she shows more ambition than most teens I know.

Anonymous said...

We bloggers are gonna spread this story around within the blogging sphere and on the Usenet newsgroups to get it attention. Good luck and thanks for being a decent human being.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Thank you so much, all of you. Anonymous, I hear you about the bank account. But I don't know how to do that directly. Liz does have a bank account, but she doesn't want to give our her personal account number publicly. They can't open a Paypal account without a credit card, I don't think. I understand many who don't know me may not trust me to get the funds to them. I will. If you donate through my Paypal, you will hear from me personally. If you don't want to do that, please just consider writing Liz a check. That P.O. Box is her personal box. Your money will go directly to her that way. Blessings, all of you!

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Linkdigger, thank you so very much!