Thursday, January 08, 2009

God At Work


12:15 p.m. Local ABC news reporter Karina Rusk is filming follow-up story with Liz and Katy this afternoon. I will update regarding time of airing and video link.

4:45: ABC's follow-up story (Bay Area of California) will air on the 6:00 news. Once the show has aired I'll be able to post a video link.

We're getting closer to our goal! Liz and Katy have a solid lead on housing--a one-bedroom apartment in their area. They are thrilled, and so am I. The apartment came through the efforts of EHC LifeBuilders. They've been told it will be a maximum of nine days until they can get in. (I'm praying it's sooner rather than later. Nine more days in a motel will eat in the donations Liz has received, and she'll really need all that money to get established. She still needs to land a job, and even after she does it'll be awhile before first payday.) On top of the apartment lead, EHC told Liz and Katy that someone from their organization was moving and would donate much of his/her furniture to them, including a TV. Katy is so excited about the prospect of having her own roof over her head--and even a TV that works. Here is her email to me on the matter (printed with her permission):

Okie dokie, here's the scoop: all school issues aside, I have good news!!!! Awesome!!!! We's got a home! It's not a studio or a basement! IT COMES WITH BUNCHES OF FURNITURE, AND A TV!!!! The TV is a really good thing because I think our previous neighbor recked our TV. Black liquid came out if it when he was helping us move it. YES!!!! Um, not that our TV is recked, yes because wees got a home! YESSSSSSS!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Wees go see it on ...tuesday?? Um, I think. BUT YES!!!!! YEAAAAAHHHH!!!! (As you can tell, me is happy. vewy vewy I'm not making much sense. Sorry about that. This is how it looks inside my brain when I'm this happy. YEAH!

Must. Update. Blog. Byas!!!

PS awesome possum is a happy phrase uttered by me when happy. HOO-RAH

PPS Man, this thing is so typo-ed I hope it doesn't end up in you guy's spams. Check your spam if you don't find this in your inbox (ha ha).


On the job front--Liz has an appointment on Monday to go for job interview training. This was set up by California Deputy Attorney General/Christian novelist Rick Acker. Also along these lines, thanks to "kimmykins" for posting the comment yesterday about Career Closet in San Jose. Proper clothing will be another important part of Liz's interviewing. She is excited--albeit somewhat nervous--about her interview coaching.

Yesterday local ABC reporter Katrina Rusk emailed Katy to see how she's doing. Katrina wants to do a follow-up news story on Katy and Liz. I'll certainly let you all know when that's filmed/aired.

Katy's blog is now over 30,400 hits. Amazing. I am praising God for all He's done and is doing in the lives of Katy and Liz. What a story and testimony they will have for others in the future.

As for my own (much less exciting) news these days: I've started writing another adult Seatbelt Suspense novel for Zondervan--as yet untitled. It's due April 1 and will be released in March 2010. I lost a number of days of writing when all this hit but am managing to get up to speed now.

Also--looking forward on Forensics and Faith, if you have topics you'd like to see covered here, or want to suggest an interesting guest poster, please leave a comment to that effect.

Blessings, all.


Anonymous said...

NICE. Great news.

Michelle said...

Thanks for all your effort, you truly are amazing!
God bless! And looking forward to your next novel!

Pam Halter said...

Hooray for Katy and Liz! Keep us posted.

Elizabeth Kaylene said...

This is great news! Thanks for the update.