Thursday, January 22, 2009

Online Auction--Liz and Katy

It's been awhile since I've posted an update on Liz and Katy. They are thrilled to be in their apartment, and yesterday EHC Lifebuilders brought them furniture. Tomorrow they go to San Francisco so Liz can be coached for job interviewing by California Deputy Attorney General/Christian novelist Rick Acker.

Right now romance author Gemma Halliday and her friends at Romantic Inks are sponsoring an online auction to benefit Katy and Liz. The many items include signed romance novels, writing critiques, web site design, even a pitch to an editor. Please check out the auction today. Bidding will close on Friday.

On Friday Katy will be interviewed by a reporter for a story about her and the auction in the Campbell newspaper. I'm not sure yet when that will run. I'll post the link when I get it.

Last Monday Katy was interviewed for a third time by local ABC news reporter Karina Rusk. That link is here. (Although I see only a short story at the link, not a way to play the news video.)

Thanks to all of you who have helped and prayed for Katy and Liz.

Tomorrow--Photo Friday. Come with your creative juices flowing.

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