Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Animoto, Take Two

It's been quite awhile since we checked out Animoto. In under ten minutes I created a short video with the covers of my books releasing this year--Exposure, Always Watching, and Last Breath, plus the Dark Pursuit cover. View the video here.

Animoto's added a number of things since we last looked at it. Three new kinds of music are now in the repertoir: children's, country and gospel/Christian. The Animoto folks run a blog that keeps you up on its latest news. And you can follow them on Twitter. The company is now in partnership with istockphoto for loading pictures into your videos. The short videos are still free. You can create a "short" video longer than mine. Just upload more photos. Or you can create full-length videos for a fee. For personal use the cost is just $3 for a 30-minute video. A year's worth of business use goes for $249. Full price list is here.

They've got apps for imbedding videos into lots of places online. But I couldn't use the imbed for blogger. They wanted a gmail account and password. This blog doesn't use a gmail address. That rather stumped me. Animoto folks--can you fix this, please?

Overall, very cool technology. Kudos, Animoto.


Karen said...

I used Animoto for A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts trailer after you mentioned it the first time. It was so easy and fun. Thanks again!

Blinky St. James said...

That's weird, since you can have a Google account without a gmail address. :P Anyway, cool video! :D