Saturday, February 21, 2009

CWG Conference Pics

Okay, so these pics are stolen. Well, more like borrowed. You can thank Diane Viere, a Facebook friend, for them. She remembered her camera.

By the way, when I posted yesterday I wasn't sure if C.J.'s winning novel was the same novel we edited here in
"Action Scene Edit" a few years ago. It is. Isn't that cool?

Broadmoor building where I'm staying

Karen Kingsbury at podium

Jerry Jenkins at podium

Yours Truly at podium

Beautiful Tyndale cover for C.J.'s book, Thicker Than Blood

C.J. receiving her $20K check


Blinky St. James said...

Her book looks really interesting. I am going to have to find meself a copy. :D

Nice pictures. :)

Unknown said...

THe hotel looks absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

The cover for her book is beautiful! I'm definitely going to be searching for it in B&N when it releases.

Nice pics of the conference. When I first saw the hotel I thought that maybe you'd flown to England. (Says the gal who obviously needs to get out more. ;) And I loved the "set" of photos of you, Jenkins, and Kingsbury.

Anonymous said...

I so wish I could be there. It would be so good for me but I am too far away and have a very busy life right now.(not the writing life which is my dream life) Someday I will go to these conferences...I have to!

Judith Rivard

Pam Halter said...

Exciting stuff!

Pamela S. Meyers said...

Wow, Tyndale already had a cover done and everything??? How cool is that. Looks like a wonderful conference.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!