Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Starfire Releases Today

Starfire, the intriguing science fiction story that inspired the popular character S-Man in my Kanner Lake series, releases today. Throughout the four Kanner Lake books, aspiring novelist S-Man works on his manuscript in Java Joint coffee shop. S-Man sometimes speaks in his science fiction language, Saurian. (Shnakvorum rikoyoch--Greetings, friends.) And he mutters about his main character, Rathe. Stuart Stockton, real-life author of Starfire, gave me permission to use his manuscript in the Kanner Lake series. As the four books were published, Stuart worked on, writing and rewriting, hoping to see Starfire published. Last year he sold it to Marcher Lord Press, a new publishing house for speculative fiction. And now you can order your own copy.

Fun cross-promotion: At the back of Starfire you'll find a page of handwritten congratulations from all of S-Man's pals at Java Joint.

Marcher Lord Press editor Jeff Gerke faced a special challenge in meeting the April 1 release date for Starfire. In the middle of the roll-out, Jeff and his wife traveled to China to bring home their long-awaited adopted baby daughter. And speaking of babies--Stuart himself is going to be a father for the first time any day now.

About Starfire

On an alien world far from Earth, a Saurian warrior named Rathe seeks to rise from lowly origins to achieve greatness in the Karn Empire. Rathe is haunted by a terrible secret as his military squad is given a mission that will take them deep into enemy territory and the deceptions of his allies. Soon he must make a terrible choice: save his empire, or save his world--which will cost the life of a friend. All the while Rathe confronts Wayfarers telling him there is a Being who desires his worship, a Being who has a plan for him.


In the time of the mending, when the broken paths
become whole again, one saurn shall rise out of his place.
Unto this saurn shall be given the fate of the mending.
He shall destroy the eye and reap a time of blessings and joy,
or he shall call down the fire of the stars
and sow war and sorrow upon the paths.

Rough stone tore Rathe’s palms as he stumbled through the gaping maw of the cave. He tore away the makeshift leaf filter covering his mouth and sucked in the cool underground air, soothing his burning lungs. Pain lanced through his side as each breath tortured cracked ribs.

He turned to the entrance and gazed into the ash-clogged air outside. Grey blanketed the world like a shroud, quickly swallowing his large three-toed tracks, and obliterating any scent that would lead the trackers to him. Satisfied that he would be safe for the duration of the ash fall, Rathe staggered farther into the cave. His claws echoed hollowly on the stone floor, their quiet clack, clack, clack bouncing into the darkness...

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Congratulations Stuart Stockton--aka S-Man!


Nicole said...

Yay for you, S-Man!

Anonymous said...

I knew you could do it S-man.
Angie Brendt

Sheila Deeth said...

Congratulations. And a very intriguing introduction. Thanks.

Jim Sanders said...

Congratulations to S-Man and to Saurians everywhere! I'm looking forward to reading this.

Hannah said...

Congrats, Stuart! Me being a Christian-fantasy nut, this will end up on my book list. :)

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Congrats Stuart on the release. We have an ad for it on the Home page at CFOM.

And congrats will be in order for the new parents on Thursday :-)

Jason said...

Congratulations S-man, from a SBG alumnus. I just ordered my copy. Very cool.

"I knew S-man when he was a character in a Brandilyn Collins novel!"